Gotham Knights cast ages: How old are the actors on the CW series?

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Gotham Knights, The CW‘s latest superhero drama, made its premiere on Tuesday, March 14 following the highly anticipated new season of Superman & Lois. Like it’s lead-in, the series doesn’t take place in the connected Arrowverse multiverse that’s due to sunset with the conclusion of The Flash‘s final run in May. As such, the Gotham centered in this show is a bit different than DC TV on The CW viewers were used to from Batwoman.

For one thing, the series is incredibly violent and brutal from the beginning with the city’s Bat dying mere minutes into its series opener in a death unbecoming of the caped crusader. Shot and pushed from his skyscraper building, Bruce was a broken man found on a sidewalk surrounded by blood and bearing a Bat mask. Talk about a harsh sendoff.

What’s worse is that in this show, his own adoptive son Turner Hayes has been accused of committing the crime along with a gang of misfits–siblings Harper & Cullen Row and Duela, the unhinged daughter of the Joker. Forced together by circumstance, and aided by Turner’s best friend Stephanie Brown and Batman’s Robin Carrie Kelley, the group have to find a way to clear their names and somehow help the city in the wake of its Dark Knight’s unexpected demise.

It’s a lot to handle but these teens don’t really have a choice if they want to stay alive though if Harvey Dent has anything to say about it, someone’s going to pay for what happened to Bruce Wayne even if it isn’t the right person.

Looking to know how old the actors in the show are? Here’s what we know about their birthdays, ages, and previous projects.

Gotham Knights cast ages

Oscar Morgan age

Born: Aug. 29, 1999

As Turner Hayes, Morgan plays the teenage son of the murdered Bruce Wayne/Batman. However, in real life, he’s 23 years old and will be turning 24 this year. Morgan’s other roles on TV include Danny on Warren and Leo in Millie Inbetween.

Olivia Rose Keegan age

Born: Nov. 22, 1999

Soap fans knew Keegan as Claire Brady on Days of Our Lives. She played the character from 2015-2020 before appearing in Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series as Lily in season 2. Now, at the age of 23, she’s playing Duela, the daughter of the Joker whose mercurial personality is apt considering her name. Keegan will turn 24 in late autumn.

Navia Robinson age

Born: May 4, 2005

Like Keegan, Robinson is known for her work with Disney. The young star played Nia Baxter, Raven’s daughter on Raven’s Home from 2017-2021. She’s currently 17 years old, but will celebrate her 18th birthday in May. Given her age, Robinson is in the same stage of life as her superhero alter ego, Carrie Kelley, Gotham Knights‘ Robin.

Fallon Smythe age

Born: Nov. 30, 1997

Smythe, who is 25 years old, plays the tough and protective Harper Row, Cullen’s older sister. Other roles the actress has portrayed include Sloane on S.H.R.I.E.K., Tara on Grown-ish, and Daphne in the 2019 film Most Likely to Murder. She’ll be turning 26 at the end of November.

Tyler DiChiara age

Born: Feb. 10, 2000

DiChiara got his start in the movie Relish in 2019 as the character Kai. He’s since been in The Virgin of Highland Park and Our Language is Chaos. The actor is 23 years old and plays Cullen Row in Gotham Knights, Harper’s younger brother from the same abusive household run by their transphobic/homophobic father they fled to strike out on their own.

Anna Lore age

Born: March 15, 1993

This CW series isn’t the first one Lore has been in, neither is it her first DC project. Fans of All American may remember the actress as Carrie, Layla’s friend who struggles with mental health issues and nearly took both of them over a cliff in the middle of an episode. She had a two episode stint as Penny Farthing in Doom Patrol.

In Gotham, Lore plays Stephanie Brown, Turner’s computer whiz of a best friend. Though she portrays a teen in the show, the actress is actually 30 years old.

Rahart Adams age

Born: Feb. 1, 1996

Adams is 27 years old and best known for his work on Every Witch Way, Nowhere Boys, and Foursome. He has a combative relationship with Turner Hayes as Brody March, Turner and Stephanie’s classmate.

Misha Collins age

Born: August 20, 1974

CW watchers know Collins best as Castiel in Supernatural. In Gotham Knights, however, he’s no angel. The 48 year old actor plays Harvey Dent, Gotham’s DA who’s looking to land the mayoral position in the city. So much so that he may be willing to do whatever it takes to move into politics, hence his journey toward becoming his alter ego, Two-Face. Collins turns 49 this year.

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