When is the next new episode of South Park season 26 coming out?

South Park on Comedy Central, image courtesy Comedy Central
South Park on Comedy Central, image courtesy Comedy Central /

As if keeping up with the entertainment world wasn’t already complicated, here comes South Park with one of the most complicated episode schedules in the business. But hey, the animated comedy is well worth it! Need some help figuring out when the next new episode of South Park season 26 is coming out? We’ve got your back!

South Park season 26 premiered on Feb. 8 with a hilarious season opener! If you missed it or are behind this season, stream season 26 episodes 1-5 on HBO Max. The last new episode this season aired on March 8, so it’s been almost two weeks since a new episode premiered. Is the season over? Here’s what we know.

When is the next new episode of South Park season 26?

A new episode of South Park season 26, airs on Comedy Central on Wednesday, March 22, at 10 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it! After the episode airs on Comedy Central, you can find it streaming on HBO Max. In fact, all previous episodes (and not only season 26) are streaming on the platform. Now, to watch South Park specials, these are streaming on the Paramount+ service.

How many episodes are in South Park season 26?

South Park season 26 episode 5, titled “DiKimble’s Hot Dogs,” is coming out on March 22, but how many more episodes come after it? Looking back at previous seasons, South Park averages 10-episode seasons. However, season 25 was cut extremely short at only six episodes. Screenrant explains why it was a short season. So what does this mean for season 26?

At the time of this writing, the episode count for South Park season 26 is not known. We do believe that the current season’s episode count will not be fewer than six. As soon as we learn more about any upcoming episodes or specials, we’ll update this post so you are the first to know! How many episodes do you think season 26 will feature?

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