My Kind of Country episodes: How many episodes are in season 1?

My Kind of Country on Apple TV+
My Kind of Country on Apple TV+ /

A brand new music competition is coming to Apple TV+ in My Kind of Country. The show is produced by Reese Witherspoon and Kacey Musgraves, and features judges Jimmie Allen, Mickey Guyton, and Orville Peck. We share some information about the series, including how many episodes you can expect.

My Kind of Country is a brand new competition series that features three country artists on the hunt to find country music’s next big star. You are probably thinking, oh, another music competition? What makes it different from The Voice or American Idol? Well, country music star Mickey Guyton broke down why it’s different from the rest at a recent press conference:

"“I think for me, how it differed from a lot of other singing competition shows is you got a real front row seat and window into their minds, the minds of these artists and their artistry. Like, when they create their sets of what they visualized themselves, when they finally are out there and they have their own tours. You got to really see into their minds, and it was just so beautiful. You never get that as an artist up until you’ve, like, had several number ones and you can finally have your tour, that you get that opportunity. And they got that right away. And I just think that was something that was different for me.”"

How many episodes are in My Kind of Country season 1?

The series will have eight episodes total, with three releasing on Friday, March 24, and three more releasing on March 31. The final two episodes should be airing, with a winner of the show being announced, on April 7 (though the date hasn’t been confirmed yet).

On the show’s debut on March 24, the series will feature each of our judging artists (Jimmie Allen episode one, Mickey Guy episode two, and Orville Peck episode three) getting to know their artists. I’ll be honest, watching this made the show so much more fascinating than some of the other singing shows. Then, for the three episodes releasing on March 31, it features our judging artists having a workshop with each of the contestants.

During the press conference, it was fascinating to hear what each of these artists was looking for in a contender. Orville Peck broke it down rather simply, sharing:

"“The thing about country music that appeals to me is, and especially the type of country I like, is that it’s an intersection of showmanship and performance and storytelling with sincerity. And I think that’s a really cool place to make art from, a place where you’re allowed to be sincere and vulnerable, but also creative and performance.”"

Don’t forget to catch the first three episodes of My Kind of Country on Apple TV+ on March 24.

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