Daisy Jones and The Six: Who ends up together and who breaks up?

Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), Riley Keough (Daisy Jones)
Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), Riley Keough (Daisy Jones) /

Daisy Jones and The Six has finished its 10 episode run. The Prime Video series takes viewers on a twisting, rollicking ride through the ’60s and ’70s as the eponymous band comes into their own on the music scene and become a force in the halls of rock and roll.

While the show is predominately a love letter to music and the way a lyric can change and save your life, it’s also a love story that spans decades. The big triangle of the drama is between Daisy, Billy, and Camila, but there are also other romances at the forefront that viewers have fallen in love with and are rooting for.

Who ends the season together and who break up? Here’s what we know!

Major spoilers ahead of Daisy Jones and The Six

Do Camila and Eddie get together in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Unfortunately, for Eddie, no. While they did have a brief entanglement of some kind in the ’70s, it was never rekindled. Camila was very much in love with Billy, and Eddie’s feelings weren’t reciprocated in the way he hoped.

Do Billy and Camila break up in Daisy Jones and The Six?

No. While they nearly did call it quits after Camila realized Billy was in love with Daisy, Billy ultimately chose a life with his wife over the possibility of one with his twin flame. He spent the following years proving to Camila that he could be the husband she deserved, and the father that his family needed, and he did it sober. The two had 20 or so years together before Camila died of cancer.

Do Daisy and Billy get together in Daisy Jones and The Six?

The end of the season leaves this up in the air. After Julia showed her father the message Camila left, telling him to give Daisy a call, he did as she asked. There’s an implication that he and Daisy hadn’t been in touch over the years, but he shows up at her door. Daisy Jones and The Six ends with the two smiling at one another. There’s no explicit indication that the two will start a romance, but there is a possibility that they will once more be in each other’s lives.

Do Karen and Graham stay together in Daisy Jones and The Six?

No. The two split after Karen decides to let Graham go. While he was willing to stay in their relationship even if it meant he’d never have kids of his own, she didn’t want that for him. So she pushed him away, saying that she never really loved him even though that wasn’t the truth.

Karen went on to have the career in music she always wanted, and Graham settled back in his hometown, got married, and had the family he dreamed of having when he was a young man.

Do Simone and Bernie stay together in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Yes! The two went into business together, opening up a club called Haven where they can dance and sing, welcoming all in to be exactly who they are. Simone became a pioneer of disco and though she didn’t have the storied career she once imagined she would, she had the life she always wanted.

Do Warren and Lisa stay together in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Also, yes. They got married in 1982 and have twin girls. Sometimes, to be nice, Lisa lets him sign her chest since he no longer has adoring fans asking him for his autograph on their bodies.

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