Who dies in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Riley Keough (Daisy Jones), Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne)
Riley Keough (Daisy Jones), Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne) /

Spoilers ahead of Daisy Jones and the Six (both the show and book)

Daisy Jones and The Six is a music drama that’s all about found family, communicating through songwriting, finding one’s identity, and at times struggling with vices. There’s more than one close call for characters in the series and, considering its sprawling timeline, there’s about three decades worth of storytelling that’s covered by the time we reach the finale, “Track 10: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide.”

By the end, we find out who the band lost over the years. While book fans may not be surprised by who these characters have mourned, the finale may shock viewers who assumed this series would escape the pain of grief for the most part. Here’s what we know about who died in the show. And, no, it’s none of the band members.

Does Teddy Price die in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Teddy had a health scare in “Track 9: Feels Like the First Time” that nearly claimed his life, but he made a full recovery. That’s a departure from the book which does see him die in that point in time in the band’s lives. However, the series does still have Teddy pass on at a later date.

The reason why we only see his 1982 interview on a late night talk show is because he died in ’83. As Billy explains to Julia, they found Teddy hunched over a soundboard. He died doing what he loved. It’s the kind of end that Teddy would have wanted.

Does Camila Dunne die in Daisy Jones and The Six?

Yes, just like in the book, Camila does die in the series. However, due to the show’s reduced time gap between the band’s dissolution and the interviews conducted by Julia, she doesn’t pass in her older years after Billy’s been able to give her the life he always promised.

It’s only been 20 years which is significantly less time than what they got to spend together in the original story, but Billy still made good on prioritizing their family and giving Camila the life she deserved. She died from cancer.

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