Who’s the interviewer in Daisy Jones and The Six?

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Prime Video’s adaptation of Daisy Jones and The Six takes its cues from the book the series is based on by Taylor Jenkins Reid which is told in a Behind the Music interview style structure.

While the conceit in the show’s source material can’t quite be followed to the letter in the medium of television, the series does occasionally move in and out of the ’60s-’80s to bring the audience into the ’90s where the band, Camila Dunne, and the journalist Jonah Berg are being interviewed.

Who’s interviewing Daisy Jones and The Six? Here’s what we know!

Who’s the interviewer in Daisy Jones and The Six?

In the finale, “Track 10: Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide,” the identity of the interviewer is revealed. It’s Billy and Camila’s daughter, Julia. Just like in the book, the impact of her presence as an adult in the story transforms what we’ve seen thus far and explains why the band and those closest to them felt comfortable sitting down for interviews when, as a group, they’d been declining for decades.

Julia Dunne is their family. She may have been young when the band had hit their peak, but she was around and observing their every move. Their openness with her is a testament to their time seeing her grow up and their love for her. It’s also a full circle bit of storytelling because family is a central piece of Daisy Jones and The Six, and it makes sense that someone a part of their family is the only one who would have access to their story as told by them and without much of a filter.

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