When does Physical return with new episodes in 2023?

Rose Byrne in “Physical,” premiering globally June 3, 2022 on Apple TV+.
Rose Byrne in “Physical,” premiering globally June 3, 2022 on Apple TV+. /

Apple TV+ announced the third season of their hit series Physical back in 2022, but so far, fans of the show have still been waiting to see the Rose Byrne led series.

Physical is a dark comedy that follows Rose Byrne’s character Sheila Rubin who is a housewife in the ‘80’s married to a man who wants to make a run for state assembly.

Sheila, while outwardly portraying the role of a dutiful wife, is dealing with harmful inner demons until she finds fulfillment in aerobics. The endeavor soon catapults her towards success in making a business out of her new passion.

When season two ended, it was on a bit of a cliffhanger, which was a purposeful decision according to showrunner Annie Weisman, who said they still had plenty of “story to tell” when it came to Sheila’s journey.

When will Physical return with new episodes in 2023?

Not much is known yet about what season 3 has planned, but we already know one new cast member will be joining.

After a successful second 10-episode season, it was announced the show would feature actress Zooey Deschanel joining the cast. She will be playing the role of Kelly, a sitcom star who makes her way into the fitness industry as well. So when can we expect new episodes to return?

While there is no definitive date, a TVLine article regarding another Rose Byrne series hinted at the show’s return. It stated the show is expected to return later in 2023.

The series also stars Rory Scovel as Sheila’s husband, Danny, Deirdre Friel as Greta, and Paul Sparks as John Breem. You can watch the previous two seasons on Apple TV+.

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