What time is The Way Home tonight on Hallmark Channel? (March 26, 2023)

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The Way Home‘s freshman run comes to a close tonight on Hallmark Channel!

The network’s first authentically original series of 2023 has taken viewers on quite the heartbreaking and heartwarming journey as three generations of women heal and find a path forward together.

When the show made its debut on Sunday, Jan. 15, we were introduced to 15 year old Alice as she dealt with her parents’ pending divorce and an unexpected move to a small, Canadian farm town called Port Haven. What she didn’t know was that not only would her new home live up to its name but  alsothat she’d discover a pond that would allow her to time travel.

That body of water became the catalyst for an adventure that saw her finding a means to bridge the gap between her mom, Kat, and her grandmother, Del, who have spent years at odds. They were so estranged that prior to their move, Alice had never even met Del to her knowledge.

My how things have changed over the course of the season. Here’s when the season finale will air as it won’t be premiering at 9 p.m. ET.

What time is The Way Home tonight?

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost” airs at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel. Yes, that’s an hour earlier than The Way Home typically debuts a new episode, but the network is launching their Ride series at 9 p.m. so this finale has been moved up accordingly.

Fans can anticipate the episode to center on Colton’s funeral as Kat and Alice travel to 2000 in order to attend his home going. In the midst of this sad occasion, Elliot will encourage Kat to tell Alice the truth about her trips to the past. In another plot, in order to make peace with Colton’s memory, Del decides to go to a grief support group. Kat will also have a realization that brings a fresh perspective to the matter of Jacob’s disappearance.

Said epiphany is likely to spark the plot of season 2 since The Way Home has been renewed for a second season. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more Hallmark Channel news and coverage.

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