What time is Ride tonight on Hallmark Channel? (March 26, 2023)

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With The Way Home finishing its freshman run on Hallmark Channel tonight, the network is making way for a new authentically original series to capture the hearts of its audience. Ride is Hallmark’s second new show of 2023, and it’s promising to bring the kind of heartwarming and heartbreaking programming the channel is known for with a western twist.

If you’ve been enjoying series like Paramount Network’s Yellowstone and The CW’s Walker Independence, then you’ll likely fall just as hard for Ride which is about a ranch dynasty in a small town. The premiere, “Legend of the Fall,” debuts after The Way Home season 1 finale, here’s when you’ll need to be seated.

What time is Ride tonight on Hallmark Channel?

The episode airs at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. Yes, that does mean The Way Home is airing an hour earlier, so if you’re tuning into that show’s season 1 conclusion, you’ll be rolling right into Ride‘s premiere.

What’s the show about? Well, viewers will be introduced to the McMurray family just before tragedy strikes. Their matriarch, Isabel, lost her husband years ago and has spent her time keeping their ranch in the red and raising their three sons. They each occupy different roles. Austin is a champion, Cash is a serviceman, and Tuff is characterized by his dependability.

Isabel’s daughter-in-law Missy is the talented wife of her son Austin. And then there’s Valeria, the runaway they took in who’s been lovingly unfolded into their family. The McMurrays stick together and take care of one another, but when Missy’s left widowed, the family fractures in their grief. Valeria leaves town with no word to her whereabouts and, when a year passes, the future of the ranch begins to slip into uncertainty.

Cash, who’d just returned before his brother’s death, has his own decision to make. With the fate of their family’s legacy on the line, he could fill the role Austin occupied, but he’s spent his life living in his shadow and that includes his feelings toward Missy. Meanwhile, Missy has been struggling to find her place in the family without her husband and is considering a new opportunity.

As for Isabel, with Cash’s safety at risk, she may have to choose between her life’s work and her son’s life because in their business, there’s no guarantee of seeing another day. Cue Valeria blowing back into town like a wayward wind carrying more secrets than she left with. At least one problem could be solved if the family takes up an opportunity that could seal the ranch’s fate.

New episodes of Ride will air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. Next day streaming will be available on Peacock.

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