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Ride, Hallmark Channel’s latest authentically original series, made its debut on Sunday, March 26. The family rodeo drama set in Colorado has the kind of heart with a bit of mystery that’s going to capture a devoted audience as its season progresses.

The premiere, “Legend of the Fall,” found the family in the midst of tragedy, trying to find their way with the possibility of their ranch being taken from them if they can’t find some way to save it. As they struggle and lean on one another, they’re accompanied by a soundtrack that’ll leave viewers bopping their heads and ready to two step if given the chance.

Considering the songs that play, we can anticipate episode track lists that feature radio hits, rising melodies, and gentle, uplifting music that sets the mood for the scenes. We can also expect at least one of the cast members to flaunt their vocal abilities. In the season opener, Jake Foy who plays Tuff McMurray sang two songs at a bar. See his character has a band and the actor actually is the doing the singing.

As Ride airs on Hallmark Channel, Hidden Remote will be keeping track of the songs that play throughout season 1. So bookmark this article because we’ll be updating it each week!

Ride soundtrack: All the songs that play in season 1

The songs that play in Ride episode 1, “Legend of the Fall”

  • “Giddy Up!” – Shania Twain
  • “Duendes” – Quaker City Night Hawks
  • “You’re Not Alone” – Allison Russell ft. Brandi Carlile
  • “Northern Wind” – Liza Anne
  • “When You Need It” – Tenille Townes ft. Wrabel
  • “Cornfields or Cadillacs” – Jake Foy (as Tuff McMurray)
  • “Just Wanted You to Know” – Jake Foy (as Tuff McMurray)
  • “Heart on Fire” – Eric Church

The songs that play in Ride episode 2, “Rodeo and Juliet”

  • “The Mighty Storm” – Peter Bradley Adams
  • “Got It Back” – Cree Rider Family Band
  • “Can We Go Back” – Aaron Allen
  • “What in the World” – The Bros. Landreth
  • “Mossman” – Mikhail Laxton
  • “Trouble in My Mind” – Larkin Poe

The songs that play in Ride episode 3, “The McMurray Curse”

  • “Last Forever” – Chris Ryan
  • “Wherever You Are” – Raye Zaragova
  • “You’re Walking and Talking (In My Sleep Again)” – Tom Horner
  • “Hilltop” – Map of Wyoming
  • “Diamonds for Eyes” – Dennis Ellsworth
  • “Moment is Gone” – Cree Rider Family Band
  • “What’s Left” – Dennis Ellsworth
  • “Whatcha Thinkin'” – Matt Teed
  • “Girl Who Didn’t Care” – Tenille Townes

The songs that play in Ride episode 4, “Estella”

  • “I Love Whatcha Do” – One Ugly Cowboy
  • “Cost So Much” – The Lynnes
  • “U and Me” – Frazey Ford
  • “Life Worth Living” – Karen Lee Batten
  • “My Heart” – Francesca Blanchard
  • “If You Only Knew” – Runaway Angel
  • “What I Had Before” – Wilderwater ft. Krief

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