Is there a new episode of Not Dead Yet on tonight? (March 29)

If you love ABC’s latest sitcomNot Dead Yet, starring Gina Rodriguez, we know you don’t want miss a beat! That said, if you tune in to ABC right on time and find a rerun airing instead of a new episode you may be a little confused and, not to mention, disappointed. Is there a new episode of Not Dead Yet on tonight? When does the comedy return with new episodes? Here’s what we know.

The sitcom joined ABC on Feb. 8, 2023, with great reviews. Not Dead Yet follows Nell Serrano, a newspaper reporter who leaves her job to move to the UK with her boyfriend, leaving her promising and beloved career. After the two break up, Nell returns to the US and hopes to start up her journalism career again.

In her new job, Nell is assigned to write obituaries. This is when she learns she is able to see and hear ghosts as they appear to her to chat and assist with their obituaries. Additionally, the ghosts also help Nell with life advice. Once the obituaries are published, the spirits disappear.

Is there a new episode of Not Dead Yet on tonight?

Needless to say, if you are not watching, you’re missing out! At the time of this post, you are already seven episodes behind. That said, there is no new episode on tonight, so it’s the perfect time to catch up on the sitcom.

Instead of a new episode (which would of been episode 8 “Not Friends Yet”), ABC is airing a rerun of Not Dead Yet episode 2 “Not A Tiger Yet.” It’s a great episode if you’d like to watch it, anyway. But if you want to wait for a new episode, know that the wait won’t be terribly long.

When does Not Dead Yet return with new episodes?

The Gina Rodriguez comedy will be back next week, on Wednesday, April 5, at its regular time of 9:30 p.m. ET. Don’t miss it!