When is the South Park season 26 finale?

South Park on Comedy Central, image courtesy Comedy Central
South Park on Comedy Central, image courtesy Comedy Central /

Is South Park season 26 episode 6 the last one in the season or are there more new episodes of South Park ahead? Here’s what we know!

Comedy Central‘s hit animated adult series is one that is not easy keeping up with. Due to specials and streaming platforms, it’s episode schedule is not a set one. All that said, we get why fans are wondering if the March 29 episode is the final one this season. After all, that was only six episodes.

When is the South Park season 26 finale?

I hate to bring bad news, but I’m afraid South Park season 26 episode 6 is the season finale, making the total number of episodes this season six. Let’s face it, South Park just isn’t what it used to be. Who else remembers seasons with up to 23 episodes?

It’s not all bad news, though, and this isn’t a reflection of bad ratings or numbers. The reason seasons are so short (season 25 is also only six episodes) is because of South Park specials and movies. So, in a way, we are getting about the same amount of content. I know it may not feel like it, but you have to factor in specials.

What do you prefer when it comes to South Park ? o you enjoy short episode seasons if it means more specials and a movie? Or would you rather have 15+ episode seasons with little to know specials or movies?

If you didn’t catch all the episodes of South Park this season? No worries! You can stream all episodes (including from previous seasons) on HBO Max. As for the specials and South Park TV movies, you can find those on Paramount+.

At the time of this writing, we are not sure when South Park season 27 will premiere, but we do know that it has already been renewed. As soon as we learn more news, we’ll be sure to update this post!

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