Are the One Chicago shows new tonight on NBC? (April 12, 2023)

ONE CHICAGO --Photo by: NBCUniversal -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
ONE CHICAGO --Photo by: NBCUniversal -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

April seems to be one of those months where television is either airing new episodes or going into a long break. While it is unknown why the networks are airing reruns doing this month, we’re still keeping an eye on when we can watch our shows, such as the One Chicago franchise. Are the One Chicago shows new tonight on NBC, April 12, 2023?

Just like CBS with their own shows, we’re in for a break between episodes on NBC when it comes to the One Chicago franchise.

It’s likely a similar reason in that it’s an effort for networks to keep the schedule on track for shows to finish off in May. With the entire franchise being renewed for the 2023-2024 television season, we’re looking forward to the new episodes that will be arriving.

So when can we expect to watch new episodes of the One Chicago franchise?

Is Chicago Med new tonight, April 12?

There is no new episode of Chicago Med on April 12, 2023. Instead, there will be a rerun of the episode “The Clothes Make the Man…or Do They?”.

Is Chicago Fire new tonight, April 12?

Chicago Fire is also airing a rerun, which will be “A Beautiful Life.”

Is Chicago PD new tonight, April 12?

The same with the other two shows, Chicago PD will have a repeat of the episode “Under the Skin.” If you are not caught up on the franchise, this is your chance to watch episodes you may have missed.

When does Chicago Med return with new episodes?

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see a new episode of Chicago Med next week. Instead, they will be airing “Everyone’s Fighting a Battle You Know Nothing About.” Chicago Med will be airing repeats through the rest of April, so the next new episode will be released on Wednesday, May 3.

When does Chicago Fire return with new episodes?

Yet another repeat will be airing next week, with the episode, “Nemesis.” The next new episode of Chicago Fire will air on Wednesday, May 3.

When does Chicago PD return with new episodes?

As with the other shows, Chicago PD has a repeat airing next week. If you would like to watch, they will be airing the episode “Proof of Burden.” Just like the rest of the One Chicago franchise, Chicago PD is scheduled to release a new episode on Wednesday, May 3.

As of this writing, we do not know what the upcoming new episodes will be about, but we’ll keep you updated. Keep an eye on Hidden Remote as we update on any schedule changes for the One Chicago shows.

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