Was Brice cured of Klampkin’s on The Ark Season 1 finale?

James Brice started The Ark with a big secret: he was dying from Klampkin’s. While a cure has been found, has it worked? Is there hope for Brice?

It was not surprising to find out that Brice had an illness that he was trying to keep from everyone. We saw him collapse in the corridor early in the series, and when he woke in a bed, he was worried about who found him and what they figured out.

Well, it turns out that he has Klampkin’s, a disease created in the series. William Trust was indirectly responsible for the disease. His attempt to help people led to a toxin that people now have forming in their bodies. The disease causes a variety of symptoms that eventually leads to death.

Brice knew that he was on borrowed time, but there was some hope when it turned out the venom of a spider was one of the main ingredients in the cure. Sharon managed to find out the other ingredients so the cure could be created.

Was Brice cured of Klampkin’s in The Ark?

Would it work? Well, initially, Brice went into cardiac arrest and the doc had to bring him back. It turned out the attack was from the disease and not the cure. The cure itself did nothing to Brice’s body.

Dr. Kabir and Alicia worked together to figure out why the cure didn’t work. It turned out that the spider venom decomposed in the artificial air. There wasn’t time to create something to prevent that, so Brice needed to allow the spiders to bite him to put the venom into him directly. The rest of the ingredients could be added afterward.

Did it work? Well, as Alicia excitedly told Brice, it did. There are no Klampkin’s cells in Brice’s body at all.

However, Kabir had some words that will stand out. She shared that the Klampkin’s had caused damage to Brice’s liver, kidneys, and neurological system. Everyone overlooked all of that during the announcement that Brice no longer has Klampkin’s, but is this something we should be worried about for The Ark Season 2?

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