What time is The Ark Season 1 finale on tonight? (April 19)

Ark One needs to work together to deal with the adversaries on Ark Fifteen. Don’t miss a beat of The Ark Season 1 finale tonight, Wednesday, April 19.

Over the course of 11 episodes, Ark One has dealt with one emergency after another. The biggest has been about this crystal substance that woke them up from cryo-sleep and killed everyone on board of Ark Three. We got a few answers in the most recent episode. Maddox created the substance, and it is the most powerful substance in the entire universe.

Maddox had the plan to get rid of all other Arks. She doesn’t want to share the planet with anyone, but she needed one thing first: the spider venom. It turns out she has Klampkins as well. She now knows that the spider DNA Ark One offered wasn’t the right one, but can she get her hands on the real stuff?

Does the real stuff even work? After all, the injection that Brice got didn’t seem to work. Is there actually going to be a cure for Klampkins? And what will Ark One do about the problem of Ark Fifteen and Lane being left behind?

When is The Ark Season 1 finale on SYFY?

We can only find out by watching the new episode tonight, Wednesday, April 19. You’ll need to tune in for the episode at 10 p.m. ET/PT as usual.

Don’t worry if you can’t watch it live. You can tune into Peacock the day after to watch the episode. It is worth checking out as soon as you can, though.

Check out the synopsis for The Ark Season 1 finale:

Ark One tries to broker peace with their adversary but don’t realise it could cost them everything.

Watch The Ark Season 1 finale live

Date: Wednesday, April 19
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 12, “Everybody Wins”
TV Channel: SYFY
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

The Ark is available to stream on Peacock.