Is Call Me Kat canceled? (Will there be a season 4?)

Update: May 5, 2023 – TVLine reports that the series has been canceled by FOX.

Don’t call us crazy but we’re here to announce that FOX’s sitcom Call Me Kat is nearing the end of its third season with its finale set for Thursday May 4!

The show, that has been on air since 2021 is centered on a 39 year old single woman named Kat who, after the death of her father, has left her job as a professor at the University of Louisville. Finally feeling like she can live that life that she’s always wanted, she spends the money that her parents set aside for her wedding to open her own cat café in Louisville. Kat is portrayed by Mayim Bialik who is famously known for her role on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory and one of the hosts of the game show Jeopardy!

The showrunner of the third season is Maria Ferrari. Ferrari replaced the previous season’s showrunner, Alissa Neubauer.

In this third season, viewers see Kat in some interesting situations such as meeting Jeopardy!  host Ken Jennings on the plane to her deciding that she would like to pursue motherhood and find a donor. If you’ve missed a couple episodes, it may be smart to catch up with the series before May 4 arrives. If you’re all caught up, then you might be anticipating a fourth season. Has Call Me Kat reached its final chapter? Here’s what we know so far regarding the show’s broadcast status!

Is Call Me Kat cancelled?

We don’t have a definite answer about Call Me Kat being cancelled but we will update you when we find out where the sitcom stands with FOX when it is officially announced. The final episode entitled “Call Me A Donut Wall”, premieres on the network on Thursday, May 4.

Has Call Me Kat been renewed?

As previously mentioned, even though the finale is so close, we haven’t heard word of any guarantee of a fourth season. This may be troubling for some fans to hear. The good news is that it’s definitely a show that has made a positive impact at the network and with audiences so there is hope that it will be renewed in the upcoming fall broadcast schedule.

While there is still some uncertainty, Hidden Remote will keep you posted on Call Me Kat renewal/cancellation status as news comes in. If you want more information on which series will be returning, cancelled, or up in the air for streaming television, click through to the next page.

The third season finale of Call Me Kat finale will premiere on Thursday, May 4 at 9:30pm EST/8:30 pm CST. You can stream the series on FOX’s website, Max, and Hulu with a premium subscription. Keep up to date with Hidden Remote for more Call Me Kat news and coverage.