May 5 weekend movies: Every new movie in theaters and streaming this weekend

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of the readers that celebrate! Below, we share the best new weekend movies to watch in theaters and available on streaming services that you won’t want to miss.

It’s a shockingly light week at the box office with plenty of holdovers, including Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Polite Society, and Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, but that is typical when you have such a massive movie coming out from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Weekend movies to watch (and stream) today

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, In Theaters
  • Love Again, In Theaters
  • Beautiful Disasters, Digital/VOD

With James Gunn heading the new phase of DC Comics, and the MCU in the middle of shifting its pieces, we have reached the final movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. If we see Guardians hit a home run, it could go down as not just one of the best comic book trilogies but trilogies of all time. Of course, I am intrigued by the idea of who will live and who will die because I am sure we will have to have the tissues ready.

The other release I want to turn my attention to is Beautiful Disasters. The film follows a college freshman who is trying to distance herself from her past while resisting a new bad boy that has entered the picture. The movie is based on a book and stars Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner in the lead roles. If you are looking for the perfect movie to watch this week that blends romance, comedy, and some action, this is the one to watch.

Ricky’s pick of the week: Jewish Matchmaking. This goes out to all my reality TV friends looking for their fix until The Ultamatium: Queer Love shows up. It takes us to the world of Aleeza Ben Shalom, who is a matchmaker that is helping people within the Jewish community find their match. It’s an easy binge that is an equal parts learning experience as it is to see a matchmaker at work.

What will you be watching this weekend? Will you enjoy a movie in theaters or streaming?