The Diplomat season 2: The big questions we need answered in season 2

The Diplomat. (L to R) Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford, Keri Russell as Kate Wyler in episode 107 of The Diplomat. Cr. Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2023
The Diplomat. (L to R) Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford, Keri Russell as Kate Wyler in episode 107 of The Diplomat. Cr. Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2023 /

The Diplomat took viewers on a wild ride in its freshman run. Across eight episodes, Kate Wyler became the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, was shortlisted for the vice presidency, tried to keep heads cool as the Prime Minister angled for full scale war, sparred with her husband Hal who she wants to divorce, fell into a more than professional relationship with the Foreign Secretary, and started ripping the lid off of a world changing national conspiracy.

Quite a lot happened, especially in the closing moments of the finale, as such viewers have questions going into the confirmed second season of the show and we’re hoping for answers. We’ll have to wait at least a year for them–season 2 is expected in 2024–but they’re on our minds nonetheless. Here are the four biggest questions we were left with after the first season!

Who died in The Diplomat (if anyone)?

The season 1 finale, “The James Bond Clause,” concludes with Kate and Dennison being informed presumably about the car bomb that was set off. Merrit Grove who is a member of the Tories, Hal, Deputy Chief of Mission Stuart Heyford, and Kate’s aide Ronnie were all in proximity of the blast. It’s doubtful that all four will be written out of the series, but it’s also doubtful that all four will have managed to escape the wreckage with their lives. As such, fans want to know who died in the blast or from injuries sustained from it. The least likely choice is Hal, but you never know.

Is Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge really responsible for the attack on British forces?

In a riveting analysis, Kate had deduced that Trowbridge is responsible for the unprovoked attack on his own military. The buck had passed from Iran to Russia as Kate’s team and the CIA scrambled to find hard evidence implicating a specific foreign nation or agent. They’d landed on a mercenary by the name of Lenkov who was to be brought into custody but no kill order was supposed to be given.

At the gala, Kate learned that the British government were set to go against the plan that had been crafted and were going to kill the mercenary. However, quick-witted, Kate realized that the only reason to do that would be to cover one’s tracks and that’s how she landed on the conclusion that it was Trowbridge who’d orchestrated the tragedy that he demanded retribution for. He needs a united nation otherwise he could lose Scotland in the next independence referendum. And what brings together a nation more than a national tragedy?

Season 2 would certainly need to answer the question of whether Trowbridge actually did commit this heinous, treasonous act or if there’s even more going on in this plot.

Will Kate be chosen for Vice President on The Diplomat?

She was on the shortlist in season 1, but there’s been no story around who Kate’s competition is for the position or whether or not the sitting Vice President will put up a fight. Perhaps that’ll be a plot in season 2.

Will Kate divorce Hal on The Diplomat?

This, of course, will be null in void if he doesn’t survive the blast, but if he does it could impede the end of their marriage. Kate was adamant that they go their separate ways then she was saddled with the knowledge that she could become Vice President and that would mean staying married to Hal. This wasn’t so bad when she saw him trying to gracefully play second fiddle, but it became unbearable when Hal’s vanity and need to be the one in the forefront caused him to continuously overstep and undermine Kate’s objectives.

There’s also her attraction to Foreign Secretary Austin Dennison that is reciprocated and that she’s been denying. Hal, as graciously as he could, offered to have their marriage be a kind of arrangement that she could set the rules for and that could include a relationship with Dennison. Kate seemed more interested in trying to make her and Hal work when they were doing well but then he jettisoned the good will he’d earned from her and her attention turned back to Dennison.

This triangle, if it manages to survive the car bomb incident, will likely be a key storyline in the season 2 and it’s one fans are invested in.

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