Is Naked and Afraid streaming on Peacock? (Where to watch)

Reality series Naked and Afraid certainly has an interesting concept. But something must be working for it to have been going on for 15 seasons! Is the show streaming on Peacock?

In each episode, two people meet naked for the first time and have to work together to survive in the wilderness for 21 days, as well as building a shelter for themselves and finding food and water. Each of them can bring one item that will aid them in doing that. Some locations they’ve been in are Zambia, Mexico, and Argentina.

The series is a good mashup of survival shows and reality, as things can take a dramatic turn. The most recent season, season 15, premiered in February 2023. Where can you watch the show online? We’ve got the answer for you below!

Is Naked and Afraid streaming on Peacock? (Where to watch)

Naked and Afraid is not streaming on Peacock. As of May 8, 2023, if you want to watch the reality series, then you’ll need a discovery+ account to do so. That’s because the show airs on the Discovery Channel. All 15 seasons are on the streaming platform, which costs $4.99/month with limited ads, or $6.99/month without ads.

However, if you want to start back from the beginning, the first three seasons are streaming on Hulu. While discovery+ is the main home for the series right now, Warner Bros. (owner of HBO Max) and Discovery have merged, and starting May 23, 2023 there will be the “enhanced streaming service” known just as Max. The platform’s catalog will include all Warner Bros.-produced projects, as well as the Discovery brands. That includes the Discovery Channel.

So be sure to check HBO Max on May 23 as it’s more than likely all 15 seasons of Naked and Afraid will be streaming there as well. discovery+ will remain as an option for people who want to pay for Discovery content at a lower cost.