All American Season 6 will not premiere on The CW in May 2023

All American has come to the end of another season. The good news is All American Season 6 is happening. When will it premiere on The CW?

We went into the final episodes of All American without too many concerns. The biggest concern is a show coming to an end with a major cliffhanger and not getting time to resolve it. Well, The CW made it clear that wouldn’t happen earlier this year with a renewal for the series.

Now all eyes are on when the new season will arrive. There are no more episodes of the series this month, and we have a bit of a wait on our hands for another season. Just how long is that wait going to be?

When will All American Season 6 premiere on The CW?

The new season is not going to arrive until at least fall 2023. It’s worh noting that The CW hasn’t yet released its fall schedule, but is sure to do that very soon. We’re expecting to see this show return to fall, but the question is when.

Usually, we would say in October. That could be pushed back this year due to the writers strike. The writers being on strike is pushing back the plan for writing the scripts for the season. That will push back production and post-production, meaning that the fall premiere dates could be affected.

We don’t get a planned date of return until the summer normally, anyway. We usually get the premiere dates around June or July, but we may need to wait a little longer this year as the networks see how the writers strike goes.

All American is available to stream on Netflix with Season 5 joining on Tuesday, May 23.