When will All American Season 6 come out on The CW?

All American Season 6 is happening, which is good news after that cliffhanger. The question now is when the premiere will air on The CW.

With the way things ended in All American Season 5, we’re certainly ready for more. Don’t worry; there are no spoilers in this post for the ending. You’ve got time to binge-watch the season when it drops on Netflix without worrying about big reveals.

What we will say is that as soon as you’ve watched the episode, you’ll want to see more. You’ll need to know when the sixth season premieres on The CW. At least we know All American Season 6 is happening.

All American Season 6 premiere date on The CW

The bad news is The CW hasn’t announced its full fall schedule at the time of writing this. We’ll be sure to update once there is a schedule out to tell you if this sports drama is going to be part of the fall schedule.

Usually, we would say it would be. It’s the strongest show on the network, and the premiere is sure to have people talking throughout the summer. There is just one thing working against it.

It’s all about the writers strike. If the strike goes into June, it’s going to be very difficult to get a fall premiere for All American Season 6. We could see the series pushed back to the midseason. This may be something The CW is ready for. We’re already seeing plans for a lot of international acquisitions and reality shows on the network this fall, so could that be all the fall schedule is going to be made up of just in case?

All American Season 5 is on Netflix on Tuesday, May 23 in full. Stay tuned for the Season 6 premiere date.