What is The Invisible Girl on Hulu about? (And more to know about the Spanish drama)

If you are into mystery-dramas as much as we are here at Hidden Remote, you’re going to want to see The invisible Girl on Hulu. Need more details about this new series before you decide to watch? You’ve come to the right place!

There seems to be an endless amount of options when it comes to TV and movie content thanks to streaming platforms. And we’re not complaining! However, it can become a bit frustrating trying to keep with it all. Not to mention, knowing what is streaming where.

Hulu is one of our favorite streamers. They don’t only feature originals, but also some of our favorite TV shows. We get particularly excited, though, about the Hulu exclusives, such as The Invisible Girl. 

What is The Invisible Girl on Hulu about?

The series dropped on May 16, and all episodes are now available to stream. The Invisible Girl follows a father and son duo living in the fictional town of Cardena. They don’t get along, but must now put their differences aside to solve the murder mystery of a teenage girl in their town, where everyone is a suspect.

Hulu’s mystery-drama stars Tábata Cerezo, Daniel Grao, Zoe Stein, and others.

Is The Invisible Girl on Hulu in Spanish?

Yes. The original audio is not in English, it is in Spanish. But you can watch it in English as there are both audio options and subtitles. I have always enjoyed shows and movies in their original language, I don’t mind reading the subtitles — but it is nice having an option for those who prefer to watch in English.

How many episodes is The Invisible Girl?

There are a total of eight episodes in the series. And, unlike most of the shows on Hulu, all eight episodes became available to stream on May 16, so you have the entire first season to binge over the weekend.