Is Jack leaving Station 19? (Is Grey Damon really leaving?)

STATION 19 - ABCÕs ÒStation 19Ó stars Grey Damon as Jack Gibson. (ABC/James Clark)
STATION 19 - ABCÕs ÒStation 19Ó stars Grey Damon as Jack Gibson. (ABC/James Clark) /

Heading into the season 6 finale of Station 19 it was hinted that someone would not make it out of the episode alive, so fans knew to brace themselves for the possibility of a beloved character not making it out of the episode. This is something fans of the show have come to get used to as the series is known for putting the lives of its characters on the line — even when they’re not racing into fires.

So when the show’s promo hinted someone might not make it out of the finale alive, it was understandable that panic set in as fans wondered who might find themselves in jeopardy.

Warning: Station 19 season 6 finale ahead. 

As teased in the finale promo, the firefighter ball goes awry when a ballroom floor collapses. At first, it seems like every member of the 19 team is going to make it out of the collapse unscathed as they’re all present and accounted for. They quickly race into action to help the victims including Chief Ross and former Chief Dixon, the latter who dies in the episode from his injuries.

Just as the episode comes to a close, Travis goes to thank Jack for saving his life which is when Jack collapses to the ground.

Is Grey Damon returning for Station 19 Season 7?

As Station 19 season 6 comes to a close, Jack is unconscious on the floor seemingly as the result of his latest head injury suffered during the collapse. The rest of the 19 team races to his side, but it’s left up in the air as to whether Jack will survive this latest brush with death.

Currently, ABC has not announced any departures from the cast so it’s unknown whether Grey Damon will be coming back for season 7. There is a chance he could choose not to return or that the writers might opt to write Jack off; however, we’ll have to wait until the season 7 premiere to know for certain.

That said, there have been no indications that Damon is looking to leave the cast which is a positive sign. We say this as Shondaland’s creative team has been known to kill off characters as part of exit storylines dictated by an actor’s desire to leave the show.

Due to the current WGA Strike, it’s unclear when we might get any updates on Damon’s status; however, we might be in for a long wait as Station 19 is not expected to arrive until 2024. As soon as any information about Damon’s season 7 status becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this piece.

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