Is a new episode of 911 Lone Star on FOX tonight? (May 23, 2023)

Tuesday nights have become all about the 126. What about tonight, Tuesday, May 23? Will there be a new episode of 911 Lone Star tonight?

We would love to check in with what the 126 is doing now, but there’s some bad news. There is not a new episode of the series on tonight, Tuesday, May 23. In fact, there isn’t even a rerun on tonight.

Beat Shazam is back tonight in the 8 p.m. ET/PT timeslot. That is followed by a new episode of Don’t Forget the Lyrics in the next hour. Yes, FOX is into its summer programming now as the previous episode of 911 Lone Star was the two-hour finale.

When will 911 Lone Star return with new episodes?

We get to start this section with some good news. 911 Lone Star Season 5 is happening, and it will remain on FOX. The flagship series is making a move to ABC, but 911 Lone Star works financially for FOX right now.

Will it return in the fall? That’s not all too clear. The writers strike could seriously cause problems for the fall schedule, and it looks like a lot of networks are planning for that.

This is a series that has traditionally been a midseason show. That was partly due to the flagship series being a fall show. It made sense for FOX to put the shows on at different times of the year to keep the ratings high throughout the seasonal schedule. With 911 moving to ABC, we could see the Texas-based first responder series move to the fall schedule.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on fall plans and whether this series will be a part of it. However, a lot is going to be unknown until the strike comes to an end.

911 Lone Star is available to stream on Hulu.