The Bachelorette 2023 cast: Who’s in Charity’s season?


The Bachelorette 2023 is coming to our screens soon as Bachelor Nation prepares for yet another dive into the pursuit of love. Charity, who was on the most recent season of The Bachelor, is looking to see if the 25 men vying for her heart are worth her time, attention, and care. This may, however, prove a bit difficult since a few of them have the same name or similar names.

There’s Aaron B. and Aaron S. Caleb A., Caleb B., and Kaleb K. as well as Joe and Joey and John and John Henry. We wish Charity the best of luck keeping track of who is who but, while a diversity of names does seem to be lacking in this cast at points, that can’t be said about these fellas and their occupations. She’ll have a pro wrestler looking to woo her along with a yacht captain, a firefighter, a realtor, a resident physician, a Harvard grad student, and more!

The new season premieres Monday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. Keep reading for the full cast list.

The Bachelorette 2023 cast

As reported by TVLine:

  • Aaron B. (29), Software salesman | San Diego, CA
  • Aaron S. (33), Firefighter | San Diego, CA
  • Adrian (32), Realtor | Northridge, CA
  • Brayden (24), Travel Nurse | San Diego, CA
  • Caleb A. (29), Resident Physician | Ann Arbor, MI
  • Caleb B. (24), Pro Wrestler | Orlando, FL
  • Chris (27), World Record Jumper | White Plains, NY
  • Dotun (30), Integrative Medicine Specialist | Brooklyn, NY
  • James (28), Attorney | Chicago, IL
  • Joe (32), Tech Operations Director | San Francisco, CA
  • Joey (27), Tennis Pro | Lawai, HI
  • John (27), Data Scientist | New York, NY
  • John Henry (27), Underwater Welder | Virginia Beach, VA
  • Josh (28), Harvard Grad Student | Bethlehem, PA
  • Kaleb K. (26), Construction Salesman | Norcross, PA
  • Khalid (28), Construction Salesman | Dearborn, MI
  • Michael (28), Yacht Captain | Chicago, IL
  • Nick (32), HR executive | Bayonne, NJ
  • Peter (33), Airline pilot | New York, NY
  • Sean (25), Software Sales Rep | Tampa, FL
  • Spencer (32), Medical Sales Director | Moorpark, FL
  • Tanner (30), Mortgage Lender | Pittsburgh, PA
  • Taylor (32), Loan Officer | Springboro, OH
  • Warwick (27), Construction Manager | Nashville, TN
  • Xavier (27), Biomedical Scientist | Carrboro, NC

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