Where was Mary J. Blige’s Real Love filmed?: Is Hammon College real?

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Mary J. Blige’s Real Love, a new Lifetime movie premiering Saturday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET, is a coming-of-age love story told against the backdrop of a Historically Black College (HBCU) in North Carolina. It’s on the campus of Hammon College that the lead character, Kendra, begins to define her life on her own terms.

The18 year old, who has a gift for photography, is determined to keep her head on straight and not get thrown off track by the new experience of being on her own and making decisions without the input of her parents. This means working hard to keep up with her course work and her work study job, and pursuing her dreams without letting Ben, her photography class partner, derail her plans.

Of course, love doesn’t have a timetable nor does it care about your plans, and she finds herself falling anyway despite disapproving parents, financial hardship, and an unexpected pregnancy. Together, the two figure out what real love means to them and for their relationship. But, even with the depth of their feelings for one another, Kendra knows that if she really wants to achieve what she has her heart set on for herself, it’ll mean leaving Ben behind even if their story isn’t finished.

The film takes place at Hammon College in North Carolina, but is that really where the movie was made and is Hammon College a real HBCU? Here’s what we know!

Is Hammon College a real HBCU?

No, Hammon College isn’t a real HBCU. It’s a fictional institute of higher education.

Where was Mary J. Blige’s Real Love filmed?

No, the Lifetime movie wasn’t filmed in North Carolina. It wasn’t even filmed in the States. Principal photography took place in Vancouver, Canada according to Hollywood North Buzz.

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