Temptation Island season 5 episode 3 recap: The bonfire is toasty!

We continue our trek through Temptation Island season 5. Last week, our couples started going on dates with the singles. We share everything that went down in the third episode of the season.

This week’s episode started with the aftermath of their last dates and some conversations about future dates. We had many eventful things happen, from second dates to Paris learning how to ride a bike to some good old butt-shaking, all things we’ve come to expect from the show.

Notable things that went down in the Villas on Temptation Island

  • Hall talks to Makayla about having kids, and she lit up in a way that he has never gotten from Kaitlin. He talks about how hard it is to get that from someone that isn’t his fiance.
  • Paris and Tahjjic’s date was horrible, but they still can’t keep their hands off each other.
  • Vanessa laid it all on the line for Brice, telling him that he needed to step up to the plate, and he said he will.
  • Roberto kicks Tia to the curb for Desiree, which upsets Tia cause she thought Desiree was her friend.

After all the partying, host Mark L. Walberg arrives to talk to the ladies about how tonight’s bonfire will be the first they go to alone. For those of you watching for the first time, the bonfire is a gathering where they show the men and women a clip of their significant other doing something or saying something that will cause a huge reaction.

What happens at the Girl’s Bonfire on Temptation Island?

As they walked in, Vanessa talked about how if Roberto violated the boundaries, she would flip out. (Pretty sure she was all about giving it all to Brice earlier)

Kaitlin: They showed the clip of Hall talking about how she doesn’t want a family yet and talking to Makayla, and the way she lit up when talking about kids, he’s never gotten that from Kaitlin.

Kaitlin’s response was she is glad he is opening up to the guys, not so much to a girl. But she admits she doesn’t want kids yet, she feels she has 3-4 years before having kids.

Paris: The video shows Nafeesah giving Great a lap dance, followed by him not wanting to think about Paris and only the girls at the villa. Paris responds that she isn’t surprised he said that because he thinks she is a bully. She starts to open up about wanting a man to protect her and to be happy.

Mark asks why she doesn’t feel safe with Great and tells him that he grew up with a family, and she didn’t. Her dad was so strict that she felt like she could never please her man, in the same way she could never please her father. Mark says that she needs to forgive her father for doing as good as he can so that she can do want she wants to do. She said she would try.

Vanessa: Roberto’s clip is him talking about how Vanessa is always embarrassing her, and he has to apologize for her actions. This is followed by the clip of him saying he is entirely sure that he will leave the island by himself. Vanessa reacted, shocked and hurt. She said she needed to digest that for a minute as she wanted to walk over to that house and hit him with a shoe (LOL). She goes on a MASSIVE rant about how she feels hurt and betrayed, and if he feels a certain way, then she should tell him.

Marisela: Christopher’s clip is him explaining how he feels about one of the girls being all together emotionally, mentally, and finically, followed by him dancing with a girl.

Marisela mentions that she has told him she might not be the one for him, but also understands that she isn’t in a place where she wants to be in all those things he mentioned. Marisela mentions that she constantly works to be what Christopher wants. Mark asked her how it felt to say that out loud, and she said it felt good.

The episode ends with us seeing a little taste of what’s ahead at the Men’s Bonfire, including us hearing Paris talking about pleasuring a man if the cameras weren’t around. The other guy’s reaction is PRICELESS.

Overall, I believe this episode of Temptation Island was a step up from last week’s episode, as things are starting to fall into place. With things ending the way they did, next week has all the signs of being a crazy and wild ride.

Temptation Island season 5 episode 3 is available on USA Network and Peacock.