Do you need to watch all the Insidious movies before The Red Door?

Insidious: The Red Door
Insidious: The Red Door /

If you’re in the mood for some horror and thrills, Insidious: The Red Door is now playing in theaters. But if you are new to the franchise or are not caught up with all previous Insidious movies, do you need to watch them before going to see The Red Door?

When it comes to movie franchises, if you miss the first couple of chapters, it’s not easy catching up by the time the fourth or fifth movie comes out. Catching up can be a struggle because, more often than not, the movies are not all under one roof. The original movie may be streaming on Max, the other on Peacock, and the rest may just not be available to stream anywhere. However, if you’re lucky, all movies are available to stream in one single service.

However, another issue that pops up is time. If you are three or more movies behind, who realistically has the time to catch up? Sometimes, you may not need to watch them all, just a few. So, whatever the case may be for you when it comes to the Insidious franchise, we’re here to help!

Insidious movies to watch before The Red Door

Behind on Insidious? You’re in luck! While The Red Door is the fifth installment, you don’t need to watch all four movies to enjoy it. Out of the four, I only suggest you watch two, and they are Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2. Both of these star Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, who portray Josh and Renai, respectively, the main character in the story.

Josh and Renai do not star in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4 (aka The Lost Key), these two movies focus on different characters. The Red Door continues Josh and Renai’s story. But if you are absolutely pressed for time, you may get away with only watching the first movie, Insidious. 

The Red Door does a great job breaking down details and giving audiences a quick recap of past events, so if you have only watched Insidious, you’ll be fine!

Where to watch the Insidious movies

Both the first and second movie are streaming on Max! If you want to check out the third and fourth movie, you’ll need to purchase or rent these via VOD as they are not available on any streamer.

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