Cobweb age rating: Is the movie appropriate for kids?

Woody Norman, Lionsgate
Woody Norman, Lionsgate /

July is proving to be a great month if you’re a horror movie buff! Earlier this month we already got Insidious: The Red Door. And now, we have a couple more films to look forward to like Talk to Me, which will be released July 28, 2023, and Cobweb. The latter makes its theatrical debut on Friday, July 21, 2023. Is it ok for kids to watch?

The production stars Woody Norman as eight-year-old Peter, Lizzy Caplan as Peter’s mother Carol, Antony Starr as Peter’s father Mark, and Cleopatra Coleman as Peter’s teacher. Though Insidious: The Red Door was rated PG-13 and though the main star of Cobweb is a child, that doesn’t mean the film is appropriate for kids. What is the age rating? We’ve got the answer for you below!

Cobweb age rating: Is the movie appropriate for kids?

Cobweb is rated R, which means those under 17 years old have to be with a parent or adult if they want to go in and see the movie. A project is usually given this rating due to some adult material and it’s recommended parents learn more about the film before they take younger children to see it.

In the case of Cobweb, it’s rated R specifically for horror violence and some language, according to the Motion Picture Association. The age rating really isn’t surprising based on the genre, trailer, and synopsis. So we recommend being very cautious with your youngsters and teens.

The horror movie is centered around eight-year-old Peter who continuously hears a tapping in his wall. Though he tries to tell his parents, they don’t believe him and tell the young boy it’s just his imagination, per the synopsis. But what’s really frightening is that Peter thinks his parents might be hiding a terrible secret, questioning whether he can really trust them.

Cobweb begins playing Friday, July 21, 2023 in theaters.

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