Which Barbie does Kate McKinnon play in the Barbie movie?

Barbie. Courtesy of Warner Media.
Barbie. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

Barbie (2023), which is now available to watch in theaters, has people across the internet trying to place where they’ve seen each of the Barbies, Kens, the sole Allan, and a pregnant Midge before whether it be on shelves, in someone’s playroom, or if any of the dolls featured are fictitious.

One such character in the film that has left people guessing is Kate McKinnon’s. She portrays “weird Barbie” in the movie and is the least put-together of the lot. With chopped off, tri-colored hair, a kooky dress, and lines drawn on her face, this doll stands out among her fellow Barbie Land residents. But was she actually a part of the Mattel line? Here’s what we know!

Is Kate McKinnon’s “weird Barbie” a real doll?

Technically, no. This doll wasn’t available for purchase, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it one day does grace the shelves in the toy section soon. She’s actually a representation of the kind of Barbie we’ve all seen before. One that had been DIY’d by its owner who was looking to express their creativity instead of keeping their doll pristine and looking exactly as she did before she was taken out of her packaging.

People reports, that in an interview with Good Morning America, McKinnon explained she was involved in coming up with the design for the “weird” take on the iconic doll. She had the following to say about the process:

"A lot of discussions went into the placement of like, ‘Where does the marker go on your face?’ and ‘What is the shape of the squiggle?’ and ‘How chopped is the hair?’ It’s based on the Barbie that I think we all had where you’d cut the hair off and burn the clothes and draw on it."

Here’s a look at McKinnon in the role which does see her doing the kind of splits many of us put our dolls into for dramatic effect:

Barbie. Courtesy of Warner Media.
Barbie. Courtesy of Warner Media. /

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