Talk To Me ending explained: What happens at the end of the horror movie?

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Talk To Me from A24 is now playing in theaters. This is one of the best horror movies in recent years, fans of the genre will not be disappointed. If you’ve watched the movie already and are confused about the final moments, let’s break things down! Here’s what happens at the end of Talk To Me. Spoilers ahead!

Spoiler alert! This goes without saying, but there are significant spoilers below as we break down the ending of Talk To Me. Go watch the movie in theaters if you haven’t already before reading ahead. 

I can’t praise this movie enough! It is an instant favorite and I can’t wait to watch it again, which is something I don’t say for every movie. Featuring themes of guilt, loss, and trauma, Talk To Me proves it’s not your average horror with cheap thrills and a used story. The movie is an emotional ride and study of the human psyche.

Talk To Me follows Mia (Sophie Wilde), a lonely and lost teen who is grieving the loss of her mother. After learning that there’s an embalmed hand that connects you to spirits, Mia convinces her friends to try it. Mia is seeking an adrenaline rush and thrills as an attempt to feel something other than pain. Secretly, Mia also hopes to connect with her mom’s spirit. The door this hand opens, however, is one that leads into a sinister world of unhinged spirits. If you don’t disconnect from the hand in 90 seconds or less, the entity will stick around and unleash a sea of evil.

What happens at the end of Talk To Me? (Final spoilers warning)

Please note, we won’t be breaking down the entire plot of the movie. Assuming you’ve already watched Talk To Me in theaters, we’re going to fast forward to the chilling final moments.

When a spirit takes over Mia’s friend Daniel’s (Joe Bird) body claiming to be Mia’s mom, Mia refuses to separate Daniel from the hand, desperately trying to connect with her mother.  By the end of all this, Daniel is inches from death as Mia and the others hopelessly try to free Daniel from this evil spirit.

In the final moments of the movie, we learn that Mia dies instantly after launching herself onto oncoming traffic Mia sees Jade and Daniel leaving the hospital, as well has Mia’s father (who survived Mia’s attack). Mia shouts for her dad and friends, but no one is paying any attention. The hospital begins to disappear until Mia is left in a dark and empty room. A hand appears in front of Mia and she slowly approaches it. We then see a different group of friends trying to summon spirits with an embalmed hand and they manage to successfully connect with Mia after she takes hold of the hand.

It’s a tragic ending for Mia as the story comes full circle. Mia didn’t just die, her soul is now trapped in the realm she desperately tried to escape.

Watch Talk To Me in theaters this weekend, starting July 28. The movie is rated R for strong and bloody violence, sexual material, and language throughout.

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