Claim to Fame season 2: Who was eliminated in week 6?

CLAIM TO FAME - ABCÕs ÒClaim To FameÓ stars Olivia. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez)
CLAIM TO FAME - ABCÕs ÒClaim To FameÓ stars Olivia. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez) /

Claim to Fame season 2, week 6 had a fun challenge for the contestants as they continued to try to work out who was related to specific celebrities. With so many of them tight lipped, it was no wonder this latest challenge was designed to help them get closer to finding out the truth to their celebrity relative. So who was eliminated in Claim to Fame week 6?

While Gabriel and Chris worked together to figure out each other’s big clues, everyone else was busy trying to determine Chris and JR’s relatives. As they were busy going over the clues, hosts Kevin and Frankie Jonas returned to give them their newest challenge.

This week, they were tasked with going into an interrogation room to answer questions from the other housemates. The twist was they would be hooked up to a heart rate monitor to see how well they did and if they could lie.

Each of the contestants really made it difficult to tell if they were lying during their time in interrogation. While they were able to fool their housemates in some cases, it was clear that for some, they were still in the clear.

At the end of the challenge, we learned that once again, Gabriel managed to figure out who was lying during the game and he won immunity. This left Chris and Olivia in the bottom two and in danger of being the guesser.

Who was eliminated on Claim to Fame season 2, week 6?

In order to try to survive this round, Chris was determined to try to have Olivia guess Karsyn since they were still not sure about Jeff Gordon being Karsyn’s relative. Plus, they didn’t have any idea who Olivia was related to. The safest option Chris had for himself was Hugo, who he figured out was likely related to President Jimmy Carter.

The clue Gabriel chose was JR’s, which were the Bold, Italics, and Underline symbols, a painter, an old man, a town, and a road. He talked to Chris about this and how he believed JR is actually related to an artist and it’s Lil Nas X.

When it came time for the elimination, Olivia was ultimately chosen as the guesser and she chose Karsyn. She guessed her celebrity relative was Jeff Gordon, but was proven wrong. This meant Olivia was eliminated and Karsyn was safe for another week.

Olivia is the niece of actress Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and it was such a surprise that it had the housemates reeling. Now there are six people left in the game and anyone could end up winning, although from the looks of it, Chris and Gabriel have done pretty well so far. But who knows how things could fare for them.

  • Gabriel: Immunity
  • Hugo: Safe
  • Karsyn: Safe
  • Olivia: Guesser- was eliminated after guessing incorrectly, related to Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg
  • Chris: Bottom two
  • JR: Safe
  • Monay: Safe

Claim to Fame season 2 airs Mondays on ABC at 10/9c and new episodes are available the next day on Hulu.

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