How many episodes are in Heartstopper season 2?

Heartstopper Ensemble Key ArtImage Courtesy Netflix
Heartstopper Ensemble Key ArtImage Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix has made a few big swings at trope-y LGBTQ+ series in the last few years, and while shows like First Kill weren’t able to make it past the first season, Heartstopper seems like it might go on for a while.

Heartstopper originated as a webcomic, written by Alice Oseman in 2016. Thanks to its rampant popularity, it quickly moved from webcomic to graphic novel, and from graphic novel to hit series. After repeatedly topping the Netflix charts, Heartstopper was renewed in May 2022 for another two seasons.

More than a year later, fans are about to get the second installment of the heartwarming romance. Season 1 ended with Charlie and Nick beginning their relationship and Nick coming out as bisexual to his mom. While all things ended well, there is plenty of drama still to come as the ensemble cast tries to find love and acceptance in their lives.

How many episodes are in Heartstopper season 2?

The second season of Heartstopper is set to include eight episodes, all of which will drop on Netflix on August 3, 2023. All eight episodes were written by Alice Oseman and directed by Euros Lyn.

The episode listing includes:

  • Episode 1, “Out”
  • Episode 2, “Family”
  • Episode 3, “Promise”
  • Episode 4, “Challenge”
  • Episode 5, “Heat”
  • Episode 6, “Truth/Dare”
  • Episode 7, “Sorry”
  • Episode 8, “Perfect”

Based on the episode titles, season 2 is likely to follow the same pattern as the first, with a series of complications coming into play before the characters find their way back to each other.

Thanks to comments from the cast and creator, we do know that this season will continue to expand on the world from season one, including introducing new friends for Elle, a trip to Paris, and diving into Isaac’s asexuality. From new characters to new locations, Heartstopper season 2 is certain to continue giving fans the queer joy so often ignored by standard romance.

Both seasons of Heartstopper will be available for streaming on Netflix on Aug. 3, 2023.

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