The Young and the Restless spoilers (Aug. 7-11): Phyllis pays for her crimes

Looks like Phyllis is about to face the music the week of Aug. 7 on The Young and the Restless. She was offered a deal on Friday, Aug. 4’s episode. If she confesses, Summer won’t be facing charges of her own for her involvement in Phyllis’ criminal activity. Daniel pushed their mother to do the right thing, but Phyllis was adamant that she could protect Summer and retain her freedom at the same time.

Judging by the spoilers below, it looks like her efforts may come up short which could force her hand into ensuring Summer doesn’t get further caught in the web of her own creation. But Phyllis isn’t one to take things lying down and she’s rarely out of moves, so we wouldn’t count her out just yet. Especially because she knows Tucker’s company buried a statutory rape and that’s not something that Ashley’s going to turn a blind eye to.

This plot seems like it’s going to pull more characters into it because Adam’s involved as he works to help Phyllis and entertains Tucker’s attempts to sway him to his side. Also, Tucker and Audra are set to have a chat about a secret from their past. Could it be about the statutory rape? Or is there more than one skeleton threatening to swing loose from his closet?

Here’s the full list of spoilers!

Young and the Restless spoilers (Aug. 7-11)

As reported by Soap She Knows:

Monday, Aug. 7

Victoria reflects on her relationship with Nate.

Audra and Tucker talk about a secret from their shared past.

Heather tries to undermine Christine.

Tuesday, Aug. 8

Phyllis does all she can to protect Summer.

Abby looks to Diane to help reunite her mom and Jack.

Audra asks Nate for guidance.

Wednesday, Aug. 9

Phyllis pays for her crimes.

Chance helps Summer embrace her fresh start.

Christine makes an impulsive choice.

Thursday, Aug. 10

Jack and Ashley call a truce.

Diane questions Audra about her intentions concerning Kyle.

Billy steps into a new role.

Friday, Aug. 11

Nikki calls Nate’s bluff.

Sharon warns Adam.

Daniel stands his ground.

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