Claim to Fame season 2: Who was eliminated in week 8?

CLAIM TO FAME - ABCÕs ÒClaim To FameÓ stars JR. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez)
CLAIM TO FAME - ABCÕs ÒClaim To FameÓ stars JR. (ABC/Gizelle Hernandez) /

Claim to Fame season 2, week 8 was full of intensity as the five contestants were desperate to figure out new clues for the other housemates. Plus, with emotions high, some allies were very fragile as two people in the bottom two struggled to figure out who to attempt in the elimination round. So who was eliminated on Claim to Fame on week 8?

In the episode, things got heated between Chris and Gabriel over a clue being shared. While Gabriel felt hurt in the moment, later on, he and Chris worked through things while deciding who to send to the guess-off as a guesser.

While they had a difficult time at first, it was clear they both still cared about the other and were willing to continue working together. This was evident when Chris chose who to send to the guess-off.

For the week 8 challenge, the contestants were basically playing a game of musical clue, in which they needed to find clues related to celebrities who were connected to the people they were attempting to find information on. Whoever found the correct celebrity would get a clue about that person. Whoever didn’t do so well ended up at the bottom.

Who was eliminated on Claim to Fame season 2 week 8?

Monay managed to obtain four out of the five clues, including her own.

Even though they discovered Chris’s relative was on Dancing With the Stars, this did not help them get closer to his identity. At this rate, we can see Chris winning at the end of the day.

In the bottom two were JR and Gabriel. Since it basically came down to two votes, this meant JR was voted as the guesser. JR decided to take another shot at Chris, but guessed incorrectly. He was revealed to be the brother of rapper Lil’ Nas X.

As for Chris, well, he has survived three rounds and no one is any closer to figuring out his identity. It’s only a matter of time before someone finally gets it or he wins it all. Now it will come down to four contestants as they all try to make it to the finale.

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  • Gabriel: Bottom two
  • JR: Guesser- was incorrect in his guess and was eliminated- revealed to be Lil Nas X’s brother.
  • Karsyn: Safe
  • Chris: Safe
  • Monay: Safe

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