What’s next for Sharon Leone in Fire Country season 2?

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Sharon Leone is a Cal Fire division chief whose role is pivotal on Fire Country as she helps her firefighters navigate difficult case areas and do the most good they can with the resources they have. She’s also the heart of their team along with her husband, Vince, and it’s clear that she considers her Cal Fire family to be chief among her achievements.

Throughout the first season, Sharon walked the tightrope of doing her job, protecting her people, and trying to help fix what broke between Vince and their son, Bode. But, at the forefront of much of her storylines, was her battle against kidney disease. Her health was flagging, and she needs a transplant.

Remarkably, she’s had three options presented to her. Jake tried to help her but they discovered he’s allergic to anesthesia and can’t have the necessary surgery done to give her his kidney. Bode is a match, but she refused to receive help from her child in this regard leaving her brother-in-law Luke to step up. However, she didn’t undergo surgery. She found out he was a match in the season 1 finale.

Sharon’s kidney replacement needs to happen in Fire Country season 2

It’s imperative that Sharon receives her donated kidney in season 2. Not only because the clock is ticking but also because the storyline will soon exhaust itself if it’s not done. The audience is already suspending disbelief that not only did she find three viable kidneys but that they all belonged to people close to her in her life.

Something tells us, however, that Luke may not end up donating his after all which would mean she’d have to forgo her decision to refuse Bode’s. That’d be just the kind of drama Fire Country loves to delve into. Though it’s possible that could come at a time that she and Bode are on the outs.

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Will Sharon and Bode’s relationship sour?

In a surprising turn, Sharon didn’t agree with Vince about pulling strings to help Bode. They were both disappointed to learn that Bode had relapsed and been running a drug operation out of Three Rock Fire Camp. Of course, neither of them knew that Bode lied in order to get his friend Freddie out of jail but, while Vince was willing to cross lines to get him out of this jam, Sharon wasn’t.

She’d already pulled strings to get Bode to Three Rock and keep him there earlier on in the season. It nearly cost her the job she loves. Sharon said she’d always be there for her son, but she’s thinks pulling strings is how they wound up here in the first place. Sometimes loving someone means loving them from afar. That’s where she is emotionally when it comes to the faith she has in her kid, and she’s being realistic about what his struggle with addiction means for his and her life.

Now, this could all get walked back come the start of the second season, especially if she and Vince are let in on the fact that Bode lied. But there’s also another issue to contend with…she may have been a grandmother for 11 years and didn’t know it.

Sharon’s potential granddaughter

Last season, Sharon and Bode’s ex-girlfriend, Cara, shared an episode where they talked about the dissolution of their relationship after she and Bode broke up. They buried the hatchet when Cara found out that Bode told his parents that she broke up with him due to his baseball injury. But, according to her, he blindsided her with the break-up and their pulling away from her made her feel even worse. This could also explain why she didn’t say anything to them when she found out she was pregnant at 19 years old.

Cara told Jake in the finale that she doesn’t know who the father of her child is but that Genevieve, who is under the impression that Cara is her sister, could be his. If that’s the case, Sharon and Vince could become instant grandparents in season 2, expanding their family but also creating a complex dynamic to work through between themselves, Cara, Bode, and Genevieve who thought she lost her mother not her grandmother.

What’s next for Sharon Leone in Fire Country season 2?

Diane Farr, who plays the scene stealing character, told TVInsider what she’d like to see happen:

"I’m hoping to explore what happens when a codependent person who wants to save other people is saved by somebody else. So in the best-case scenario, seeing someone care for me would make me want to learn how to care for myself, but that’s not really how it happens. Usually you’re like, ‘Oh, I have to go find someone that’s going to care for me.’ So whether that’s Luke or someone else, it’s just going to be interesting if she can’t put all of her time into saving her son or sort of in a way keeping her marriage afloat."

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