Big Brother spoilers: Who wins Veto on Big Brother tonight? (August 23, 2023)

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the Big Brother house! Just when we thought the house was divided beyond repair, a common enemy emerged after Hisam’s shocking Head of Household run.

As we saw last week, Hisam was adamant about getting Reilly out of the house and basically told the house they better vote her out on eviction night during his Power of Veto speech. This move may prove to be his downfall as the way Hisam went about his plan to get Reilly out did not sit well with his alliance members, who felt he steamrolled them into doing his bidding without even consulting with his allies.

On Sunday night, Felicia took home the HoH win making Hisam think he’ll be safe this week. Little does he know Felicia and company are planning a backdoor should the chips fall into place with this week’s Power of Veto competition.

Warning: Spoilers from the Week 3 Power of Veto competition ahead! 

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Who won Veto this week on Big Brother? (Week 3 updates)

At the Power of Veto competition, Jag took home his first competition win of the summer when he managed to win the Veto during the Week 3 competition! As one of the nominees for the week, it should come with little surprise to know that Jag used the Veto on himself which allowed Felicia to then name Hisam as her replacement nominee.

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Heading into the Power of Veto competition, we knew it would be crucial for Hisam’s name not to be selected. Luckily, Hisam was not selected to play in the Week 3 Veto comp with HoH Felicia and nominees Jag and Cameron being joined by Cory, Izzy, and Red in the competition.

Who is going home on Big Brother this week?

With everything going to plan for this week’s Head of Household, it’s looking like Felicia is going to pull off one of the biggest moves of the summer so far by sending Hiasam home after his reign of terror last week. Had Hisam played in the Veto and won, there’s no telling who might have gone home but with the backdoor plan successful it should be Hisam walking out of the house on Thursday night to sit with Julie.