The Good Doctor Season 7 is not coming to ABC in September 2023

September is here, and that means the start of fall TV. There is some bad news for The Good Doctor fans, as The Good Doctor Season 7 is not coming yet.

We have some bad news when it comes to The Good Doctor Season 7 premiere. It is not coming in September.

That’s okay; there is still time for it to arrive in the fall, right? We have seen the show premiere a little later than September, and not just during the pandemic year. There have been times that the premiere has been in October instead. That’s what is happening here, right?

When will The Good Doctor Season 7 premiere on ABC?

This is where we have a lot of bad news. The Good Doctor Season 7 is definitely not arriving in October, either. It’s not arriving at all in 2023. The worst news is we don’t even know when it could premiere.

This is a show that has been impacted by the current strike action. The writers and actors are on strike, and that means all production has stopped on anything that involves the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. Yes, that includes The Good Doctor.

ABC opted for a strike-proof fall back in May 2023. As the writers went on strike, ABC had a feeling that the normal schedule wasn’t going to happen. So, it opted for a fall of unscripted content, and we’ll get the scripted content back in 2024. We don’t know when as that will depend on when the writers and actors get back to work—and we only want that to happen when there is a fair deal on the table.

So, don’t expect anything until January 2024. Then, don’t expect a full season. We’ll likely see some much shorter seasons for all TV shows this year.

The Good Doctor is available to stream on Hulu.