Does The Equalizer 3 have a post-credits scene?

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The Equalizer 3 is going to be the finale of Denzel Washington’s action trilogy. But does the new movie have a post-credits scene or not? Find out here!

Based on the 1980s TV show (which was later rebooted into the current CBS series starring Queen Latifah), 2014’s The Equalizer reunited Denzel Washington with Antoine Fuqua, who had directed Washington’s Oscar-winning turn in Training Day. It starred Washington as Robert McCall, a former military black ops officer who quit after a job went wrong.

He lived a quiet life in Boston, but when mobsters badly hurt a friend, McCall took up a quest for revenge. He soon began a new career as “The Equalizer,” who helps those in need. The movie was a hit, showing Washington’s skills as an action star. A 2018 sequel had McCall avenging a murdered friend and once more going to war with a mob.

The new sequel, once more directed by Fuqua, has McCall taking on a job in Sicily. Recovering from wounds, he soon learns his new friends are under attack by the local mob and, of course, finds himself helping them. The movie is advertised as the finale for the series, but is there a post-credits scene that sets up a possible spin-off?

Does The Equalizer 3 have a post-credits scene?

While avoiding SPOILERS, there isn’t any post-credits scene for The Equalizer 3. The movie does have a definitive ending that wraps up McCall’s story, and no plans for any sequels or spin-offs.

So fans can be assured that when the credits roll at the end of The Equalizer 3, that is the end of the film, and there’s no post-credits sting to set up any follow-ups to the action saga.

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