The Changeling cast: Who’s in the new Apple TV+ series?

The Changeling
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Apple TV+ has given us another show that will send shivers down our spines—The Changeling.

The 2023 release tells the story of Emma, a young woman who tested her fate by visiting a forbidden lake in Brazil. There, she happened upon a mysterious woman who told her that three of her greatest wishes will come true, so long as she didn’t cut the red string tied on her wrist.

Naturally, our brave young woman knew better than to cut the string. However, when she meets a charming young man, Apollo, who convinces her that she doesn’t need to believe in the superstition, as he will grant all of her wishes, Emma severs the string.

Perhaps this couple has messed with something that exceeds their understanding, as they are now thrown into a world where nothing makes sense.

How will they right their wrongs? And if they do come to figure out what travesty has come upon them, will they make it out alive? All this and more will be revealed soon. But before you tune into the new release, allow us to tell you who you can expect to see.

Here’s who stars in The Changeling!

The Changeling cast

Playing the role of our young woman, Emma “Emmy” Valentine, is Clark Backo. Starring alongside her is Lakeith Stanfield (Haunted Mansion), who plays the role of Apollo.

In addition to Backo and Stanfield, the cast of The Challenging includes:

  • Adina Porter as Lillian Kagwa
  • Samuel T. Herring as William Wheeler
  • Amirah Vann as Kim Valentine
  • Jared Abrahamson as Brian West

See this talented cast in the official trailer for Apple TV+’s The Challenging below.

This riveting Apple TV+ original is brought to us by Kelly Marcel, who has worked on titles like Venom and Saving Mr. Banks. Marcel serves as the showrunner for the series alongside Melina Matsoukas (executive producer/director) and directors Jonathan van Tulleken and Dana Gonzales. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Victor LaValle, who also narrates the show and is an executive producer.

Now that you know who has worked relentlessly to bring you this masterpiece, all that’s left to do is to catch the premiere of The Changeling on Friday, Sept. 8, on Apple TV+. See you there!

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