The Young and the Restless spoilers (Sept. 18-22): Tucker’s risky business plan

Tucker’s on the war path now that Ashley and him are on the outs. It’s got the Abbotts preparing for whatever he’s got planned now that he feels wronged by his wife. Last week on The Young and the Restless, he’d fallen back into a relationship with Audra despite his nuptials and began to plot to take Jabot like he’d wanted to.

While there’s no confirmation just yet that the shares of Chancellor-Winters Victor sold will come into play, it feels like that could be the case. Whenever there’s stock exchanging hands, there’s a power move waiting just around the corner. The only thing left to do is wait and see where the chips will fall.

As we do, we’ll be treated to more Newman fallout as Nikki attempts to do damage control, and Victor and his namesake Victoria continue to clash. We’ll say one thing, nobody does corporate drama tied with family upheaval quite the way this CBS daytime program does. Here’s the full spoilers list!

The Young and the Restless spoilers (Sept. 18-22)

As reported by Soap She Knows:

Monday, Sept. 18

Victor’s portrait is firmly back on the wall at Newman.

Nikki does damage control.

Adam gives into temptation.

Tuesday, Sept. 19

Jack gives Tucker advice.

Tessa returns.

Phyllis is backed into a corner.

Wednesday, Sept. 20

Victor gives Lily some unsettling news.

Billy goes rogue.

Kyle and Summer call a truce.

Thursday, Sept. 21

Audra has a tough decision to make thanks to Nikki.

Victor’s patience wears thin with Victoria’s insubordination.

Who bought Victor’s shares of Chancellor-Winters? Lily would like to know.

Friday, Sept. 22

Jack interrogates Phyllis.

Tucker’s risky plan is revealed.

Audra gives Kyle a reality check.

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