Grey’s Anatomy Season 20: Will Chandra Wilson return as Miranda Bailey?

There are not many OG characters left in Grey’s Anatomy. Will we lose another in Grey’s Anatomy Season 20? Is Chandra Wilson coming back as Bailey?

Miranda Bailey had a stressful season of Grey’s Anatomy last year. She was put through the wringer after being doxxed due to her stance on abortion rights. I won’t even get into the irony of the anti-choice brigade believing that personal attacks on people are a-okay to do as long as it’s against the pro-choice individuals.

It wouldn’t be that surprising if Bailey decided that it was enough. She’d already moved house to protect her family, but would she leave Seattle completely? By the end of the season, it sounded like the attacks and threats had stopped by the doctors calling around the multiple numbers who had called Bailey to harass her. Not that that would work in real life, but it seems to have to bring that particular storyline to a close in the series.

Does that offer some hope that Bailey will stick around for another season? Here’s a look at what we know about Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 and Chandra Wilson.

Chandra Wilson will return to Grey’s Anatomy Season 20

Before the Season 19 finale, we learned that the series regulars had signed on to return for another season of the series. That included Wilson, so we know that Bailey will be back.

This isn’t too surprising. If Bailey left, it would mean that Ben Warren would have to leave town. After all, he’s not going to allow his wife to leave him. They love each other more than they love their jobs.

Plus, Bailey gets more than just hospital screentime. She is also part of the Station 19 family through Warren, turning up when they need her or just bringing in Pru to see the family. It would be a huge change everywhere for Bailey to just suddenly up and leave.

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