Who plays Joy on Only Murders in the Building?

We’re nearing the end of Only Murders in the Building season 3, and it’s certainly bittersweet! What’s so fun about the mystery series is that we theorize who the killer is all season, and then know we’re going to get the answer by the end. But that also means we say goodbye and have to wait to see if another season is in store. One person our favorite trio suspected was Joy Payne. Who is the actress who takes on the role?

The last time we see Joy is in season 3 episode 5, “Ah, Love!” Since her lipstick was found in Ben’s dressing room, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel think that she could be the killer. When Charles confronts his fiancée, she’s rightfully offended And while Charles talks to Sazz about it, his friend tells him he’s actually afraid of love and letting himself be happy.

Joy tells Charles that she was backstage because Ben had been punched and had a red mark on his face. So she was asked to help him cover it up before the show started, and her lipstick must have fallen out of her pocket while doing this. Charles then confesses that he was the one who punched Ben. Joy is once again rightfully angry that Charles was accusing her of murder when he himself had punched Ben. And the icing on the cake? Charles also tells her he proposed by accident. Unfortunatley Joy breaks up with him and leaves.

The actress who plays Joy is a talent, and she may look familiar to you. Who is she? We’ve got the answer for you below!

Only Murders in the Building — “The White Room” – Episode 304 — Charles’s stage fright reaches unimaginable heights, involving a break from reality and multiple baby dolls. Mabel is confronted by a mysterious individual from her past with a pivotal proposal. Joy (Andrea Martin), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Harbron/Hulu)

Who plays Joy on Only Murders in the Building?

The actress who plays Joy on Only Murders in the Building is Andrea Martin! We were first introduced to the hair and make-up artist in season 2 episode 6, “Performance Review.” Martin was born Jan. 15, 1947 and is 76 years old today. She’s the oldest of three children and her family is Armenian.

Her most notable role is probably the hilarious Aunt Voula in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies. No one does it like her! However over the years, the actress has been a part of many movies and shows. In 1976, she played Edith Prickley in SCTV, a Canadian sketch comedy series. At that time her co-stars on the show weren’t known yet, but they certainly are now. Those include Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Harold Ramis.

Martin has also made multiple appearances on Sesame Street and taken on the roles of Phyllis “Phyl” Carlson in Black Christmas, Aunt Miriam Pickles in Rugrats and The Rugrats Movie, Marilyn Kessler in Difficult People, Prudy Pingleton in Hairspray Live!, Francesa Lovatelli in The Good Fight, and Sister Andrea in Evil.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is now in theaters. The Only Murders in the Building season 3 finale streams Monday, Oct. 3, 2023 on Hulu.