The Amazing Race 35 cast: Who’s in the CBS competition series?

The Amazing Race 35 cast
The Amazing Race 35 cast /

The Amazing Race is bigger than ever this year, both in episode length and the number of teams. Here’s a look at who’s competing for the prize in Season 35!

The last couple of seasons have been a bit rough on The Amazing Race. Due to the pandemic, the usual around-the-world trip was curtailed to smaller locations, and contestants had to use charter flights. Thankfully, this year is getting back to normal as, once more, the teams have to race to the airport to catch the right commercial flight to the next stop.

There’s also the return of elimination legs, the Express Pass, and a twist on the U-Turn. Also, due to the ongoing strikes across Hollywood, each episode is expanded to 90 minutes, showing more of the teams’ adventures.

To fit this super-sized edition, the show is now expanding to 13 teams, the largest field ever. Here’s a look at who’s competing for the $1 million prize!

The Amazing Race Season 35 contestants

CBS has done a good job mixing up this year’s contestants from spouses to parent-child, best friends, siblings and more from all walks of life. Let’s meet the pairs set to race around the globe this season (h/t: Entertainment Weekly): 

"Jocelyn Chao (49) and Victor Limary (49) – Married grocery store managers from Albuquerque, NMLiam (23) and Yeremi Hykel (24) – Brothers from Cheyenne, WY and San Marcos, TX. U.S. military veterans, Liam was in the Navy and Yeremi was in the Marines.Andrea Simpson (44) and Malaina Hatcher (45) – Best friends from Philadelphia. Malaina works as a tax examiner technician. Andrea is a Director of Credit Management.Joe Moskowitz (35) and Ian Todd (40) – An engaged couple from New York. Joe is the Head of Business Development for a commercial real estate tech platform. Ian Todd is a senior director of new business for a marketing tech start-up.Steve Cargile (54) and Anna Leigh Wilson (28) – A father-daughter duo from Petty and Royse City, TX. Cargile is a paint contractor. Wilson works as a speech pathologist, private flight attendant, and influencer.Morgan (31) and Lena Franklin (29) – Sisters from New York City and Los Angeles. They’re both marketing executives.Todd (38) and Ashlie Martin (38) – A married couple from Chino, CA. Todd works as a special education teacher. Ashlie is a hospitality account manager.Robbin Tomich (41) and Chelsea Day (41) –  Best friends and stay-at-home moms from Kirkland and Shoreline, WA.Greg (25) and John Franklin Franklin (27) – brothers from New York City and Mountain View, CA. Greg is a software developer, and John is a product manager.Rob (48) and Corey McArthur (25) – A father-son duo from Riverside, CA and New York City. Rob works as a teaching assistant and assistant football coach, while Corey is a senior manager of client strategy and analytics.Joel Strasser (42) and Garrett Smith (43)– Best friends from Kuna, ID, and Meridian, ID. Joel is an auto claims training specialist. Garrett is a delivery driver.Elizabeth (52) and Iliana Rivera (27) – A mother-daughter team from Tampa, FL. Elizabeth is a retired lieutenant, while Iliana works as both a therapist and an event planner.Alexandra (34) and Sheridan Lichtor (29) – A sister-brother duo from Chicago. Both siblings work as consultants."

With this great mix of the biggest field of teams ever, this could be the most exciting season of The Amazing Race yet to fit the longer run times.

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The Amazing Race Season 35 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.