The Irrational episode 1 ending explained: Did Wes Banning get parole?

THE IRRATIONAL -- Episode 101 Pilot -- Pictured: Jesse L. Martin as Alec Mercer -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)
THE IRRATIONAL -- Episode 101 Pilot -- Pictured: Jesse L. Martin as Alec Mercer -- (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC) /

The Irrational‘s pilot episode covered two cases. The first, the show’s inciting case of the week, centered on the death of a beauty influencer named Jasmine. The police believed it was an open and shut case. Her on-and-off again boyfriend, Dylan, killed her when she ended things. However, our lead Alec Mercer didn’t believe it was that cut and dry.

Dylan, an honorably discharged combat veteran, couldn’t recall the sequence of events that led to the altercation he believes he got into with Jasmine. He pleaded guilty but his story wasn’t adding up to Alec so he began to dig and even showed up twice to the AA meeting that both Dylan and Jasmine attended. It was here that he began to piece together what happened and as he did, Alec also gained some clarity on a 20 year old case, one that he was in the middle of. Here’s how the pilot episode ended!

Who killed Jasmine on The Irrational?

Alec was right. Dylan wasn’t the one who killed Jasmine. It was his sponsor, Clay. The five year sobriety chip they found in Jasmine’s place belonged to him. He was the stalker that she’d been referring to in a video the authorities found on her laptop made the night she was murdered. Clay had come by to ask her once again if she’d go out with him.

Jasmine had already turned him down several times. She’d expressed to Dylan that she’d felt uncomfortable due to advances made during meetings, but he didn’t pay much attention to her concern about it, and she’d stopped going to AA gatherings at the location anyway. Jasmine, who told Clay she’d let everyone know she was being harassed by him if he didn’t leave her alone, drew a gun on the sponsor. He pulled it away from her and shot her in the process.

Clay panicked and quickly covered his tracks. He drugged Dylan when they were both at a meeting, threw Jasmine’s bloody sweater in his sponsee’s car, and then waited for him to call as he knew Dylan would reach out to him scared and unsure of what to do. Clay fed Dylan a story that would be plausible to his drug addled mind and used Dylan’s survivor’s guilt from being the only one in his unit to survive an attack during his tour to his advantage.

While talking through this, at gunpoint, Alec made a split second decision after being forced into fleeing with Clay. The police were on their tail, Alec through his car into a tailspin as Clay began shooting. This caused them to crash and the force of the crash knocked loose a memory for Alec of the night he’d sustained the burns that scarred 60% of his body.

Did Wes Banning get parole on The Irrational?

Nearly 20 years ago, in 2002, Alec was the victim of a church bombing. He was the sole survivor. 13 people, including his friend, were killed by the blast. The man who did it, Wes Banning, received a lesser sentence and the opportunity to parole because Alec couldn’t place him at the scene of the crime. The professor has been living with the guilt of that lack of memory for two decades, but the crash he’d gotten into with Clay put him on the path to remembering.

He got a flash of the getaway vehicle. It was a van with a distinct spiral logo on its side. Another piece of the puzzle came during Banning’s parole hearing. When asked if he would be a danger to society if he were released, the bomber paused before answering. His eye caught on someone in the doorway, someone he was clearly scared of because Banning said that if he were released he’d stage a bombing again. He was denied parole because of his answer.

Alec and his FBI agent ex-wife, Marisa, put two-and-two together. Banning didn’t work alone like previously thought. He’d had a partner, someone who called the shots and who’d been walking free this entire time. Now they have to figure out who this person is and the full story of what happened that fateful night.

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