Gen V cast: Who’s in The Boys college spin-off series?

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The next generation of Supes is here, and the group of young heroes is collectively known as Gen V. This new series is a spin-off from the show The Boys and takes place in the same universe, but the Gen V cast at its heart is an ensemble of college-aged characters as they navigate adulthood and Supe-driven careers.

Prime Video teases that these young Supes must put their “physical, sexual, and moral boundaries to the test” as they compete “for the best contracts in the best cities.” This isn’t a young-adult genre show though. Gen V promises to have the same intense, dark comedy and violence as the hit series The Boys.

Though the short synopsis may feel like something you’ve seen before, Gen V will likely be anything but predictable when it comes to the outrageous sequences fans of The Boys have come to expect.  And in addition to the competitive, cut-throat Supes education system, we’ll also see the ensemble be “put to the test” when they realize something “bigger and sinister is going on at school.”

Who is in the cast of Gen V on Prime Video?

The Gen V cast of students includes Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau (a blood bender), Chance Perdomo as Andre Anderson (a metal bender), Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer (a half-inch sized Supe), Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap (mind empath), London Thor and Derek Luh as Jordan Li (a gender-shifter), Asa Germann as Sam (super strength), and Patrick Schwarzenegger as Luke Riordan (fire manipulator).

The series also stars Shelley Conn as Superintendent Indira Shetty, Sean Patrick Thomas as Polarity, Marco Pigossi as Doctor Edison Cardosa, Clancy Brown as Professor Richard “Rich Brink” Brinkerhoff, Alexander Calvert as Rufus, and Jason Ritter.

Watch the latest trailer to see the Gen V cast in action:

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Watch the Gen V cast in the premiere on Friday, Sept. 29 on Prime Video with the first three episodes available to watch. The remaining episodes will each drop on the following Fridays, with the finale airing on November 3.