Found episode 1 ending explained: What happened to Sir?

FOUND -- “Pilot” Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely -- (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC)
FOUND -- “Pilot” Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely -- (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC) /

The pilot episode of Found introduces us to Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton), a woman who makes it her business to find missing people who fall through the cracks. It’s an old, unfortunate tale. If you belong to a marginalized community, your missing persons case will likely go cold either from inattention from authorities or lack of sufficient community effort to spread the word.

Gabi’s team–made up of individuals who have all experienced trauma in some fashion–does what the DCPD can’t do or are unwilling to do to ensure the safe return of the youth and adults that have gone missing in the area. She, too, has been affected by a missing persons case…her own. As the opening of the pilot reveals, 20 years ago, Gabi was being held hostage by a man named Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). It’s at this point that she met Bella, a younger child who was abducted by him and who she develops a strong bond with during captivity.

By the halfway point of the episode, we’re let in on how the two girls escaped. They were having dinner with Sir in the basement, reading from the scripts prepared for their dinner. Gabi, however, began to challenge Sir. He sent Bella to get more stew while he and Gabi had words but, as she was getting stew from the hot pot, Bella burned herself.

Noticing that Sir’s agitation was likely going to turn violent when he charged into the makeshift kitchen, Gabi ran after him and then hit him with a cast iron pan, twice. With him knocked out cold, they made their escape. However, when the police made it to the house, he was gone. The girls were informed that he was in the wind which set them on edge.

In a plot twist, the pilot episode revealed that Sir is closer than the audience was initially led to believe. Here’s what we know.

What happened to Sir on Found episode 1?

While the details of how he’d be captured have yet to be revealed on Found, we do know that Gabi is keeping him locked up in her basement. Earlier in the episode when Detective Trent came to check on her after she’d left the scene of a near suicide attempt, she’d been cagey about his appearance on her doorstep.

Prior to Trent’s arrival, she’d been standing in the kitchen with a prepared tray that looked on the sparse side. It was a peculiar sight that’s explained by the episode’s end. The tray Gabi had prepared was for Sir. He’s chained by the ankle in the basement and this serves as an unsettling parallel to the dinners they once shared. But instead of her dressing up and performing a role for him, Gabi is making him assist her with the cases she takes on. She provides him dinner and he gives her a predator’s perspective by detailing what he’d do if he were the one who abducted someone. Sir refers to what they do as a partnership, but Gabi says it isn’t.

A repeated refrain in the pilot is that Gabi breaks the law in order to help people. She’ll do whatever it takes to fight for the safe return of someone abducted because she wasn’t afforded the same help. But that also means she’s willing to keep her former captor in captivity and work with him. This is certainly a tangled web that she’s weaved.

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