The Golden Bachelor 2023: Susan Noles age, job, Instagram and what to know

THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor” stars Susan. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor” stars Susan. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth) /

Get ready to learn more about some of your favorite contestants from The Golden Bachelor, such as Susan Noles, the gorgeous brunette who has some interesting ties to the MLB.

Perhaps you are a fan of baseball and are dying to know more about just who the baseball player Susan is attached to. Or maybe you just want to know more about Susan altogether. Either way, you’re in the right place, as we are here to tell you all the juicy details about this reality TV star.

What to know about The Golden Bachelor contestant Susan Noles

This East Coaster makes living glamorously look easy, especially with her effortless beauty that is sure to make Gerry Turner a little flustered. And, like her fellow contestants, there’s more to her than meets the eye, as she is just as interesting in what she does in her day-to-day life. Here’s her age and more!

Her Instagram listed above has all of her recent wedding projects, some of which you may get some ideas for your wedding or any next celebratory event. (Check out one of our favorite pictures of Susan and her career here.)

Another fun fact about Susan is that she is a huge fan of rock music. Some of her favorite artists include The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, both of which she had the fortune of being able to see in concert. (We wonder what her next concert will be!)

Last but certainly not least is the person Susan had the fortune of knowing!

As per Delco Today, Susan was married to MLB superstar Dickie Noles. Dickie was a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and many other teams. His talent took him and his team to the World Series in 1980 where they, thankfully, took home the victory. Now, Dickie still works for the team, but in a more supportive role that includes mentorship.

Susan didn’t let her former marriage to Dickie take her out the game, which is why she’s looking for love once again. Will she find it with Gerry? The only way to find out is to head to ABC to catch new episodes of The Golden Bachelor!

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