Why did Sir kidnap Bella on NBC’s Found? (Episode 2 ending explained)

FOUND -- “Pilot” Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jasmine Washington as Bella, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir -- (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC)
FOUND -- “Pilot” Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jasmine Washington as Bella, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir -- (Photo by: Matt Miller/NBC) /

Found is only two episodes in but NBC’s new procedural drama continues to twist. In “Missing While Sinning,” we get another flashback to Gabi’s time being held captive by Sir (his real is name Hugh Evans). This time, we’re shown 8 days before her escape and, for Sir, it’s a special occasion. It’s been exactly 365 days since he abducted the 16 year old Gabi and he wants to celebrate. She, of course, isn’t willing to superimpose this new “birthday” over her actual date of birth and her defiance is met with a threat not to feed her.

By the time the two sit down for a special dinner thrown in honor of this “momentous” day, Gabi is dressed up as is Sir. He presents her with a charm bracelet, giving her history on the particular style of jewelry, and preens over its elegance. When he goes to put the bracelet on her wrist, Gabi flinches and the two have a frank but brief discussion of how he’s never inappropriately touched her which was good to hear but it didn’t change the circumstances of the pain he’s causing her.

Gabi makes Sir aware of this after he denies her a phone call to her father. She just wants to let her dad know that she’s okay and even promises not to give away her location but Sir won’t hear of it. In his mind, he can’t understand why she won’t just accept his love for her and let that be enough. Using what she learned from her forced education on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Gabi explains that even love can be monstrous and that her loneliness isn’t filled by him.

Disturbingly proud of her analytical skills, Sir lets Gabi know that he will compromise with her and provide her with something to alleviate her loneliness. What she couldn’t have expected was that Sir would abduct another child to fulfill this compromise.

Bella was abducted on NBC’s Found as a birthday gift for Gabi

It’s unclear if Gabi knows by the end of “Missing While Sinning” that Bella was a present from Sir to her. She told him that she would groom him so that he can live up to his cleanliness ideals. It was a means of pushing him to help her find Jinny, a missing woman on Found whose occupation as a sex worker was so abhorrent to Sir that he refused to assist with the case.

As Gabi is shaving him, the two are listing off the “birthday gifts” he got her but when she fails to mention what she got eight days later, he brings it up. In reaction, Gabi cuts him, but it appears to be a reflex as she’s disturbed by what Sir said. Bella, who now goes by Lacey and gave up her old life, was abducted by Sir to appease Gabi’s loneliness. It seems natural that at some point not only will Lacey learn that Gabi has their abductor stashed away in her basement but also that Sir meant her to be a gift for “his” Gabi.

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