Is Dear David streaming on Max? (Where to watch)

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When Friday the 13th falls in October, you know that’s a great time for the release of horror movies and shows! I mean, it just has to happen. One film that sure to give you a scare is supernatural horror Dear David, which is based on true events. Unfortunately, the movie is not streaming on Max. So where can you watch it?

At the moment upon its release on Friday, Oct. 13, 2023, the movie is available to see in theaters. on the big screens. So head to your local cinema to watch the horror-filled story! But, if you would prefer to check it out from the comfort of your home, there’s on-demand options as well. You can rent the film for $6.99 or buy the production for $14.99 on Google Play or Prime Video. Eventually, the film could potentially stream on Starz as its production company, Lionsgate, owns the streaming platform.

The film stars Augustus Prew as Adam Ellis, Justin Long as the head of BuzzFeed, Andrea Bang,
René Escobar Jr., and Cameron Nicoll. So what’s the story told in the film, and the true story behind it? We’ve got the answer for you below!

The true story behind Dear David

Based on true events, Dear David is centered around comic artist at BuzzFeed Adam Ellis who starts to experience sleep paralysis after he responds to Internet trolls. Over time he “chronicles increasingly malevolent occurrences” like an empty rocking chair moving on its own in his apartment, per the synopsis. He starts to make a record of what he’s experiencing in a series of tweets, and coming to the conclusion that he’s being haunted by the ghost of a dead child named David. As it goes on, it becomes difficult for Adam to differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t.

In real-life, the actual BuzzFeed employee Adam Ellis did chronicle his supernatural occurrences on Twitter (now X), for about four months from Aug. 7, 2017 to March 12, 2018. This resulted in his Twitter thread going viral, giving him over 1,000 followers. He notes many nights of sleep paralysis where he dreams of a mysterious child with a misshapen head. He even did his best drawing what the child in his dreams looked like. Over the next few months, weird things start to happen like the rocking chair, as seen in the trailer, and his cats going up to the front door every night at the same time and staring at something invisible.

Then things escalate even more when Adam starts to record himself sleeping at night, and eventually sees what looks like a child standing over him while he’s in bed. Adam stopped posting in March with a final tweet on the subject saying he’s ok, it had been quiet, and he’s focusing on his work. Talk about scary! Believe me while I was going through the thread myself, I could feel my heart racing. It’s truly a crazy tale. And now, you can watch it play out on the big screens! Today, Adam is no longer working at BuzzFeed and is focusing on creating comics.

Dear David is now available to watch in theaters and on-demand.

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